7 Tips on How to Create a Job-Winning Resume

Sometimes, the only thing getting in the way between you and your dream job is the job-winning resume. It’s not always easy to craft the perfect resume, though. You may be wondering, what do I put on my resume that will make me stand out? How do I know if it’s good enough? Will the manager even bother to look it over?

With these seven tips, you will be on your way to creating a resume that is not only striking (in a good way), but also makes you a cut above the rest of your competition.

Consider the job you want beforehand

Think about the career path for which you are applying. Does this particular field typically require more job experience, education, or special skills? With the little space you’re give on your resume paper, figure out your expertise areas that you need to highlight in order to pass the application stage. Your ultimate goal is to get an interview, but you must first focus your experience in a way that directly relates to the job you desire.

Lead with your strengths

Now that you have a grasp on the job description of your preferred position, start writing your experience that highlights your strengths. Of course, you want to remain truthful during this process. However, you should also try to execute the confidence you have in your abilities through the way you phrase your education, skills, and experience.

 Display consistent formatting

If you choose to bold one section of your resume, you must bold the other ones. Likewise, you need to include a similar number of bulleted sentences in each segment. As you format your entire resume, it should look clean, cohesive, and pleasing to the eye. Make sure it is easy to read and not too overwhelming with content—stuffing your resume with words is a surefire way to deter a hiring manager.

Use strong action words

When you lead with your strengths, you have to show your superb abilities by using stellar verbs. After all, you’re looking to stand out from other applicants, right? To do this, you must create strong sentences with words that stand out on the page. Keep all of your verbs unique in each sentence—no repeats.

Also, if you’re reflecting on past job performances, ensure that your verbs are in past tense. But to prevent your words from seeming too passive, use stronger and exciting verbs that pop. Add life to your resume by beginning bulleted sentences with strong verbs like performed, developed, presented, established, and initiated.

Be clear and concise

Ideally, you only want to use a single sheet of paper to encompass your entire resume. Therefore, it’s critical that you be as clear and concise as possible. Remember, this is not an actual interview. You do not have to go into lengthy detail about your past education, special skills, job descriptions, or duties. Instead, focus on the information that matters.

Include your job duties, but do so with brief explanations through bulleted sentences. No sentence should ever be longer than three lines—if so, your phrasing is longer than it needs to be. Clarity comes with strong and accurate word choice. Be honest about your achievements by stating them plainly. This is not a time to boast with vague language.

 Exhibit your results-driven experience

Above all else, employers seek potential candidates that will add value to their company. If you want to be considered as an asset, you have to show that you have experience in improving the function of your previous employment. Shift your perspective into viewing not only what you performed, but also what you accomplished. Then, translate those accomplishments into tangible results.

Did you work in business or sales? The hiring manager would like to see your exact figures in numbers. Use dollar amounts, percentages, and other statistics in your job duties section. Are you seeking a job in a service-related environment? State the exact program you developed, the dollar amount for which you fundraised, or even an important employee policy you once established. Managers love to see initiative, and there’s no better way to show that on a resume than by demonstrating your own personal results.

Ask the experts for assistance

Expert assistance is an invaluable tool for whenever you want to first begin or finalize your resume writing process. If you are serious about obtaining your dream job, it requires you to have a resume that is flawless. The best way to ensure that your resume is polished to perfection is by enlisting the support of professional resume services. Check out professional resume writing services reviews to find the most competent professionals that will make sure your resume is done right.

All in all, writing a job-winning resume doesn’t have to be as difficult as some make it out to be. Having focus, consistency, and confidence will be the main objectives for when you’re unsure about your own piece. Of course, employing an editing eye for the final touches is always helpful as well.

With these seven tips, your resume will surely make you soar above the rest of the applicant pool—bringing you one step closer to the interview process. From then on, your sought-after job will be not too far from sight.

This guest post was authored by Stephanie Proper

Stephanie Proper is a career strategist and prolific blogger writing for a range of websites on resume and career-related topics. She also currently runs her own project called ProperResumes where she shares her experience and gives useful advice how to write a job-winning resume and pass through the application process with success.

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