7 Ways a Book Club Boosts Your Life

By some estimates, 5 Americans gather together to discuss books every few weeks.  Are you in a book club? Could you join or start one?



1. Something To Look Forward To Each Month

Research shows that the positive anticipation of an upcoming event can be just as exciting as the actual event itself. Scheduling a monthly gathering will ensure your calendar has something fun planned every 30 days.



2. Book Club Girls Are TOTAL Babes

Reading instills expanded vocabulary and equips you with new information. This will make you more intelligent. And being smart is sexy.


3. Ace Your Next Interview

I once had an interviewer ask me what book I was currently reading. It was a completely left-field question for the client service opportunity at our ad-agency, however, since I am an avid reader I excitedly told her all about it  – whew – and asked her the same question! Interviewers ask you this question to see if you are an avid reader, which translates to your eagerness to learn and improve as a person. So if you are on a job hunt,  pick up your favorite book or find a new one to dive into!



4. Free Hugs And Baby Snuggles

Another thing that is rewarding for your mind and body? HUGS! A lot of book club members are moms who use their down time to enrich their minds by reading a book. Book clubs are low key and intellectual, which makes for a baby friendly, multitasking suitable environment. So, if your book club friends have babies and bring them to book club, you get to hold them and enjoy baby cuddles. That’s a great bonus there!



5. Go Ahead, Channel Your Julia

That new Julia Child recipe you wanted to try? Time for Aunt Kell’s famous guacamole to make its book club debut? Go for it! Whether your book club is potluck or you take turns hosting, this is a perfect occasion to try something new or whip up an old favorite.



6. Emotion Abounds

Not only will you reap emotional benefits from reading and discussing new books each month (laugh, cry, read WILD and feel inspired to go for a hike), it is cathartic and enlightening to also share some of your work/marriage/baby/dating/family happenings.



7.  Social Butterflying = Healthy for Your Soul


Curious examiners studied the lives of centenarians (or people who make it to age 100) in the Blue Zones to determine what was it about their lifestyle that led to their longevity. One of the findings? Spending time with family and friends that support healthy behaviors is good for you and isolation is not.

Now it’s your turn. Are you in a book club? Could you join or start one with some friends? In what ways does it enrich your life? LMK in the comments section or @Kellymc247

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Kelly Christiansen

A top columnist at MsCareerGirl, marketing guru Kelly Christiansen has 10+ years of strategic leadership experience and is a Senior Marketing Strategist on the Health Care team at Kahler Slater, an architecture firm in Wisconsin. An avid reader, runner, and recipe experimenter, you can follow Kelly on twitter @kellymc247

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