Bosses- They Don’t Have ESP.

It’s so freakin’ EASY to blame our bosses.

“Yeah, I didn’t get the promotion.  My boss is such a $%*.”

“Well, I would have gone on that trip for the conference if my boss would ever ask me to.”

“I would have ROCKED that project but my boss never even asked me my opinion.  She chose Andy instead.”

Friends, as much as we think we are on our bosses minds, they are NOT.  Our bosses have their own bosses to keep happy.  The only way to go from the back to the front of your bosses mind is to TELL THEM WHAT YOU WANT.  Your Manager is not a mind reader and most likely has no clue that you were dying work on that last project or speak on that panel.  You must sit down and tell them.

Could your boss answers these questions about you?

How much money you want to make in 2012?

What is your number 1 personal goal?  (i.e., buy your first house, pay off your car, take a 3 week trip to Africa, etc.)

Which role would you like to have within 1 year, 2 years, 3 years?  (i.e., Manager to Director, Director to VP)

If your boss doesn’t know this about you, it’s time you schedule an hour with them ASAP and inform them of what you want.  We can’t expect our bosses to position us for success unless they know our desires.


Nadene is an adopted Chicagoan who graduated from Indiana University, Kelley School of Business. She is a sales woman who specializes in technology solutions for business. Nadene is also a mentor, speaker and sales coach. You can find some of her amazing tips and tricks on her blog - Fresh On the Job and every Wednesday on Ms. Career Girl!

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