CLV Group’s Stoney Creek Towers – Why Millennials are Attracted to Community-Focused Properties 


Rental markets are heating up all over North America as people are shifting from home ownership to renting.  Younger generations are moving to properties that are more affordable to start their families or new jobs.

The continued rapid economic growth in Canada’s largest city – Toronto – has increased the amount of people, especially millennials, who are looking to rent affordable properties in and around the GTA.

Today, millennials are looking to find rentals they can afford and are consciously looking to find a complex that fosters a sense of community.

The accessibility and utilization of a neighbourhood’s physical space, as well as people’s familiarity of the community, perception of neighbour interaction and willingness to talk and help – makes community-focused properties appealing to the millennial renter.

Stoney Creek Towers

Having an attractive gathering area for residents to relax is equally important in building a sense of community.  One such property, CLV Group’s Stoney Creek Towers in Hamilton, Ontario, offers large grassy surroundings outside of its apartment complex, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors while giving them a chance to meet others.

The CLV Group rental property offers a range of apartment layouts and amenities, including on-site laundry facilities in each apartment tower, in-ground outdoor swimming pools, 24-hour emergency services, secure entrances, and on-site staff – attracting a diverse range of residents to the community.

Stoney Creek Towers is appealing to both families and young professionals as it is also 100% pet friendly, another commonality that brings residents together as a community.

CLV Group has also been proud to support on-site events that bring residents together in a positive way throughout their city-wide apartment communities, such as coffee and muffin mornings, resident barbecues, and contests.

Encouraging regular events reinforces familiar faces and can create close bonds among residents. This is attractive to the millennial renter, but it is also positive for the property management company or owner, since residents are more likely to remain happy if they build rapport and positive relationships within their community.


Of course, there are many other factors that influence the residential location choice among younger demographics which includes a desire to be close to community amenities such as public transportation, restaurants and nightlife.

As products of the social media movement, millennials are never more than a few clicks away from friends and family. And offline, they prefer to live someplace where social interaction is just outside their door.

Located minutes from the Red Hill Valley Parkway and the Queen Elizabeth Way, Stoney Creek Towers offers Toronto millennials access to major highways and bus routes. More importantly, there are nearby parks, shopping and community centers, as well as trendy eateries and coffee houses.

For Canada’s millennials, the job market is the strongest it has been in recent history, with the unemployment rate falling to its lowest level in at least 41 years. Quality employment and affordable, community-based housing are key factors that motivate millennials to settle down in the city. But this upbeat generation is looking for more, including opportunities to socialize and engaging leisure activities in a city where they can thrive.