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**FOR USE WITH AP LIFESTYLES** This undated photo provided by IKEA shows a home office design idea. Phones and computers aside, virtually any space can be made into a workable home office by concentrating on a few basic ingredients: a chair, a desk, lighting and storage. (AP Photo/IKEA) **NO SALES**

A home office is an important element in your home and serves as a space where you can conduct productive work. It’s important to give proper attention to setting up the optimal office in your apartment — from choosing the right location to organizing the space, here are tips to create the perfect work space.


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Home Office

Make sure your office is located in a part of your home that is separate from the busiest sectors. When you apartment hunt, try to find a place that doesn’t have an office located next to the kitchen or dining room, as those two places are generally the most frequently used within a family home. Have your office near the formal living room, in a spare bedroom, or near the garage since these rooms typically attract less traffic.

Some people integrate the office into their bedroom, but think twice before doing this. The bedroom is a space that will not support sustainable work efforts, rather it’s a place to relax. The integration of your work space will disrupt that purpose.


A neat and tidy space creates the perfect work conditions. The office may unintentionally turn into a storage area and be a catch-all room for the family’s many tools or school projects. The use of the room will not detract from your work, so long as you have a solid method of organization.

Visit a storage store, like Storables, for bins and organizational containers that will make your office fully functional and easy to navigate. Label the outside of boxes or drawers so you can easily find things without digging through everything. Your home office can be a wonderful space to organize all the important family documents, school projects and your own, personal work.

Interior Design

You want your office to be a space that promotes effective work, and it must be furnished in a way that will support that goal. Do not make your office too comfortable by adding multiple seating options or a table besides a desk), as that might make it more of a social space for your family.

Pre-design your office interior and decide what kind of work space you want. If you are worried that a large, sit-down desk will limit your work efforts, look into the trending Stand Up desks. These desks save space and are also beneficial to your health. Consider a medicine ball as a chair if you are restless or if you have back issues that may be corrected by promoting good posture.

Paint your office in neutral colors. Bright colors will distract and lessen your focus. Think gray-blue or eggshell walls, rather than bright green or yellow. Plants are a useful accessory, as they bring a sense of life into the room and also create a sense of calm, which will enhance your focus. Put a vase of flowers out for a pop of color.

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