Dentist Tips for Keeping a Youthful and Healthy Smile

Keeping your teeth white and naturally healthy over a long period of say, 60 years, is not an easy feat. With today’s supercharged sugary diets and disruptive additives, there’s a whole lot to work with even outside a solid tooth brushing regime. Clinics providing expert cosmetic & implant dentistry can, of course, give you personal advice to suit your own teeth

There are a lot of aspects of our diets that we don’t hear often enough about, so we thought we’d cover them here. But more than anything, always remember to consult your dentist. Self-diagnosing ourselves on the web can go poorly!

Ways to Get Whiter Teeth from the Inside Out

1. Throw Away Your Tooth Paste

9 out of 10 people use a mainstream toothpaste brand, like Colgate or Close Up –and few realise that the popular toothpaste brands are laced with a whole lot of sugar.

While there are sugar free alternatives on the market, our favourite alternative toothpaste isn’t toothpaste at all; we refrigerate coconut oil and scrape off the white top off the chilled oil and brush our teeth with that.

Coconut oil is relatively inexpensive, tastes good, fights all the bad bacteria in your mouth, and whitens teeth among other health benefits.

2. Go Paleo

The Paleo diet that you keep hearing about isn’t a fad. No wait, don’t go, I promise. “Paleo” refers to “Paleolithic“, a time period from before agriculture. See where this is going? If you can’t pick it off a plant, kill it (animal), then you can’t eat it. No sugar, no processed carbohydrates, etc. I switched to Paleo 3 years ago and after 1 week of feeling absolutely terrible, I felt better than I ever had. In a nut shell, the diet changes your body to burn fat and oil as energy instead of sugars. This is a really big deal; fats are “clean burning” for your body, while sugars come with all the bad things you’ve already heard about.

3. Go Natural, Go Organic

If you’re going to consume sugar, it’s so easy to choose a natural source. Fruit is awesome. And if you are going to consume fruit and put your teeth through its acidity, make sure it isn’t some irradiated Franken-Fruit. Otherwise we’re back at square one; you’re just eating sugar for no reason. Organic isn’t just a fad, either.

4. Feed the Critters in Your Tummy

In your stomach you have a whole lot of little organisms living and breeding, and helping you digest, keeping bad bacteria in check; ones like the dreadful candida.

Candida can poke tiny holes in your stomach lining and rob your body of all the nutrients in the food you eat. So over time the lack of nutrition could have dire consequences on your teeth. Probiotics for the good bacteria, and l-glutamine to keep your stomach lining free of damage.

Getting Back to Nature

See a trend here? Reducing our intake of sugar (or eliminating it altogether –man up, it only sucks for a week) is probably the best way to avoid dental problems of any kind. This trend you see of shoppers being more concerned with getting back to nature isn’t just marketing speak.

In Conclusion

Healthy teeth come from the inside out, literally. You are what you eat. If you eat dead, pasteurized, sanitized, and loaded with sugar, you’re going to hurt yourself. Why else do you think so many people are suddenly developing gluten sensitivities? Our bodies have had too much, and if you’ve never felt great sugar free how do you even begin to know what the heck you’re missing?

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