Drinking Without Getting Drunk

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Alcohol is a product enjoyed around the world. The immense array of ways it can be produced and consumed gives you lots of amazing options for enjoying alcoholic beverages. There are fantastic Kentucky bourbons, small-batch micro-brewery beers, and elegant wines produced from every fruit imaginable. It can be a wonderful experience to partake in any of them.

But what you must avoid is overindulgence. Drinking too much can be destructive to your health, your personal life, and your career.

At the same time, moderate drinking can actually be beneficial. There have been many studies that show there are health benefits from a daily glass of wine, and the business gatherings where social drinking takes place can create a real opportunity to advance your career. Unfortunately, it’s just that sort of setting where alcoholism can begin, according to one source familiar with the addiction process.

When you cross it, there are a number of things that can go wrong, and they can impact every part of your life.

Potential For Addiction

Of course, the first bad thing we think of in the spectrum of alcohol consumption is the chance that your abuse will become an addiction. This addiction can destroy your health, ruin your finances, and alienate you from friends. And of course, it can ultimately lead to your untimely death.

Be vigilant to the conditions under which you drink, and how much you drink when in those situations. Do you routinely and deliberately drink enough that you pass out, forget what happened, or become sick? Do you frequently have hangovers? Do you feel like you can’t help having a drink when you are in an environment where alcohol is available?

If you are reaching any of those benchmarks, there is a good possibility that you are becoming an alcoholic, and you should get help right away.


Poor Reputation

If your consumption isn’t at quite that level, you can still damage your reputation with alcohol. Infrequent binge drinking that causes you to act foolishly or draw undue attention will send very bad signals about you.

If it takes place around co-workers or supervisors, this behavior will send the message that you can’t control your drinking.  They will assume that you can’t control your business either. You will find promotions mysteriously bypassing you, and your overall workplace image will suffer.

It is ironic that those who enjoy a Scotch with the boss can advance while those who have two or three may fail. It’s just part of good career management to be able to make that differentiation.

Bad Decisions

One of the most immediate effects of excess alcohol consumption is impaired judgment. You may accept a ride home from strangers, buy a round for the house, or give someone your unfiltered opinion of their management style.

Whatever misstep you take, the effects can range from job loss to sexual assault. Your first line of defense against any mistake you can make, or any hostile move that others make, is your judgment. When it becomes clouded by alcohol, the door is open to a lot of bad things. Your money can disappear, your body can be damaged, and your future can be irreversibly damaged.

Alcohol can improve your mood and provide a great culinary experience. It can advance you in the workplace and reflect your status and taste. Consumed recklessly, it can also take away everything you work for. Use good sense and make sure your drinking stays at the social level so that you can get all of the good and none of the bad.


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