Ensuring A Smooth Return To Work After Injury

return to work Getting back into the workforce

Returning to work after an injury can be hard: as well as the physical damage your body has suffered, there may also be psychological trauma to contend with, and it can really knock your confidence too.  The effect of an injury can be far reaching; a recent study shows that a workplace injury may increase the risk of losing your job, not a prospect anyone wants to consider  – so here’s how to aid your recovery and make your return to work after injury a smooth one.

Take It Slow

Different injuries will have different rest and recovery times– your physician will likely tell you when you should be returning to work and if you need to do a gradual re-entry to the workplace.  Keep your employer involved so that they know what your limitations are – a good employer will be happy to help accommodate a valued employee, after all they want to see you fully recovered and returning to full work as soon as possible.  Don’t try to do too much too soon – you could easily set yourself back and you could end up off work for even longer.

Stay Involved

If you have to take several weeks or months off from your job to recover from your injury, then it might be useful to have a fixed time every week where you can keep in touch with your employer.  Obviously injuries differ, but most will welcome you keeping yourself involved in the workplace as best you can.  Talk to your boss about if it’s possible for you to do some work at home, or maybe even online training to help you stay current and up to date.

Ask For Help

Tait and Hall explain the importance of reporting workplace injuries correctly. Make sure your employer has put systems in place to ensure the same accident doesn’t happen again.  If you feel that they were negligent, or not taking you seriously enough then it may be time to ask for legal advice. It can make for some awkward conversations with your employer, but speaking up now could prevent further injuries to you or anyone else.

Smooth Return

Remember that everyone recovers at their own pace: take it slow, ensure good communication with your employer and stay involved with work if possible.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and seek legal advice if necessary to ensure your return to work after an injury is a smooth one.