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follow your dreams

The pandemic has taught us a lot, but one thing I find most intriguing is that “jobs” are fickle, and we need to find a career that keeps us grounded and able to muscle through life’s ebbs and flows. It is true that if you do something you love, you will never feel like you worked a day in your life. This summer, take some time to read memoirs by people that followed their passions to create the purpose-filled life they wanted.  Get inspired to follow your dreams!

REBELLION, 1967 by Janet Luongo (She Writes Press, July 27)

Written by NYC native Janet Luongo, Rebellion 1967 follows 17-year-old Janet trying to find herself in Queens, New York, after breaking free from her toxic family. Janet soon finds purpose as a mural painter and in volunteering for a civil rights activist, but when she falls in love with a young Black saxophone player during the summer of love (against her father’s wishes), she runs away and encounters heartbreak and danger that will cause her to pick up the shattered pieces of her life and reevaluate her dreams. This story inspires readers to overcome shame and realize their true destinies and is perfect for those who are fans of Wild by Cheryl Strayed.   

Dream First, Details Later by Ellen Marie Bennett (Portfolio, April 27)

Written by entrepreneur and founder of Hedley & Bennett, Ellen Marie Bennett provides the perfect guide on following your dreams! When Bennett was a 24-year-old line cook, she offered to make new aprons for the kitchen staff even though she had no plan or company. This inspiring beginning led to her becoming the owner of a multi-million-dollar company and now she is sharing her personal playbook for following your own personal goals by crushing self-doubt. Bennett acts as both your mentor and cheerleader as she guides you to launch into action by pushing aside your inner worry. Pick up this book to learn how to step out of your comfort zone and get started on a dream project. 

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You Are Enough! Reclaiming Your Career and Your Life with Purpose, Passion, and Unapologetic Authenticity by Charlene Wheeless (Amplify Publishing, May 11)

Renowned businesswoman and communications visionary Charlene Wheeless provides an inspiring memoir as well as motivational guide on how to thrive in your career in life in her newest book. She shares her experiences of climbing down the corporate ladder, battling breast cancer, and breaking stereotypes as a Black woman to illustrate life lessons for her readers. Wheeless chronicles her life journey on how she strived to become the best version of herself and provides inspiration for those who aspire to do the same. Through her honesty, courage, and wit, Charlene reminds all of us that we are enough. 

I Have Always Been Me: A Memoir by Precious Brady-Davis (Topple Books & Little A, July 1)

In Precious Brady-Davis’ powerful memoir, she recounts her childhood in the Omaha foster care system and the Pentecostal faith and how she felt displaced as a biracial, gender-nonconforming child. She digs deep into her life story as a trans woman and of her path towards self-discovery. Brady-Davis speaks to those who have struggled to find their place in the world and shares her wisdom of overcoming the odds. Precious’s sojourn is a song of self-reliance, pride and is an invitation to join in the chorus. I Have Always Been Me is an inspiring memoir, a love story, and an outreach for the marginalized, so be sure to pick it up next month!

follow your dreams

Anarchy in High Heels by Denise Larson (She Writes Press, July 27) 

A San Francisco porno theater might be the last place you’d expect to plant the seed of a feminist troupe, but truth is stranger than fiction. Denise Larson’s unique debut memoir is the unabashed story of a popular all-female performance group, Les Nickelettes, unleashing their unique feminine satire in the early 1970s—a time when being a “funny feminist” was considered an oxymoron. Together with Les Nickelettes, which quickly became a brazen women’s lib troupe, Denise presented a series of feminist skits, stunts, and musical comedy plays that took the West Coast (and NYC) by storm. Perfect for fans of Mrs. America and Katie Goodman’s Broad Comedy, readers will love this fun summer read! 

Called Out: Why I Traded Two Dream Jobs for a Life of True Calling by Paula Faris (Bethany House Publishers, April 21)

Fans of ABC News reporter and The View’s former co-host, Paula Faris will want to be sure to pick up her newest book. Faris dives deep into her personal experiences, how she joined the world of broadcast journalism, and what led her to become burned out. As she faced public humiliation, physical breakdowns and family struggles after she burned out, she heard God gently calling her out of this dangerous place in her life. This book reflects on what it means to be called, how to move past the fear that holds you back, walking in God’s destined path for you, and discovering your true purpose.

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