Furnishing Tips for a Small Living Space

Living in a small space seems to come with the territory in the young adult years. Whether it’s a dorm room, studio apartment, apartment shared with roommates, or a similar type of living arrangement, these are not exactly known for being spacious. However, that doesn’t mean young people or others living in a small space must settle for feeling cramped. The furnishing tips below will help anyone to make the best of the space they have.

Choose Curved Furniture

Most small apartments and dorm rooms have a boxed appearance. By adding some curved furniture, the space-challenged can help the living room and bedroom look larger and more stylish. Round chairs and tables are a favorite, as are rugs containing dots or spirals. An extra benefit of choosing curved furniture is that it’s easier to move around and the occupants of the space are less likely to hurt themselves by bumping into furniture.

Brighten a Room and Make it Look Taller with Lifted Lighting

When space is limited, choosing lamps that sit on an end table or a tall standing lamp might not be the best options. A better choice in this situation might be to hang lights from the ceiling over a bed or a commonly used area of the living room. This adds additional light beyond the wall sources and creates the illusion of increased height in a room.

Dealing with Small Patios and Other Outdoor Spaces

The living area isn’t the only thing that may feel too small for young occupants. All too often, small patio spaces and backyard yard areas are poorly planned, with little attention paid to them.

Choosing small pieces to place outdoors such as an extension table or bar table serves a useful purpose as well as takes up less room. Guests will be just as happy to eat burgers off a small table than something large and bulky that gives them no place to sit comfortably. Similarly, foldable patio chairs that can be put away when not in use also create more space.

Choose Pieces That Can Serve Multiple Functions

Living in a small space can be fun when the residents are willing to employ a bit of creativity. For example, buying pieces of furniture that can serve more than one purpose helps to save both space and money. Some common examples of these types of furniture include a desk that can turn into a buffet when entertaining guests, a bench that can become a coffee table, and a nesting table set that can also transform into a coffee table.

Consider Clear Pieces of Furniture

Glass tops on tables or chairs provide a unique look for a small space. They also create more of a sense of openness, so the lack of space doesn’t become the focus of attention. The ability to see everything underneath the furniture can be a benefit as well for those who are especially concerned about keeping their small space clean.

Most people don’t live in a tiny space forever, but creativity and a positive attitude can help make the experience much more fun while they do.


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