Getting Ready for “Don’t Go Over in October”-5 Thoughts about Women and Spending

By, Nicole Crimaldi

Hey Career Gals (and Guys)!

The end of September is upon us, which means I have some planning (and spending) to do before the “Don’t go Over in October” challenge begins on October 1.

Thanks, in part, to “Don’t go Over in October” participant and star-blogger Leah Pogliano’s awesome post, I decided I too need to think and plan ahead for what I may “need” (and want!) in October.

And I did just that while out of town this weekend…

Yes it’s true. I shopped a tiny too much. Not only did I buy new fall boots and a classic pair of pair of patent leather Mary Jane’s for work, I bought new sweatpants, sweaters, work dresses and two new pairs of work pants among other things.  Oh and don’t forget the plane ticket to New York City I bought last week…

My justification is that I’m starting a new job in two weeks (so exciting!) and that I won’t be buying any of this in October.

My “planning ahead” this weekend made me think about a few things in regards to women’s spending habits:

1. How would our cash flow change if we planned ahead rather than bought things on impulse?

2. Women can justify just about any purchase. Even those that we clearly cannot afford and need to put on a credit card. (I am living proof). I imagine this is a huge part of our problem as women. We feel guilty, but then just keep talking ourselves into it.

3. How would it feel to live without one of those “want” purchases? Most women would rather not know.  Enter: spending addiction.

4. Why do I feel that saving money is even worse than dieting!? (And my diets usually last no longer than 4 hours. GREAT.)

5. Wow, not shopping for a month is going to be SO HARD.

Can you relate? In your opinion, is this most women?

Ms. Career Girl

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