How Does A Predictive Dialer Work?

Customer service is at the heart of every business. It’s one of the functions that enable businesses to retain customers, reach out to prospects, and maintain good relationships with them. As such, companies set up call centers to allow them to conduct customer outreaches every so often.

While there are different ways of conducting such outreaches, sometimes call center or sales agents do it by manually contacting their customers’ numbers. This effort is often tedious, but there’s an easier way of doing it. With cloud technology, companies are increasingly using predictive analytics to get focused results.

This newer approach makes it possible for call center and sales agents to use intelligent tools such as cloud-based predictive dialers to schedule outreach calls. With the use of algorithms, predictive dialers help call centers determine the best time to make outbound calls. This calculation results in more successful connections between customers and call center agents.

Predictive Dialer: What Is It And How Does It Work?

As its name implies, a predictive dialer refers to an automated calling system that empowers call center agents to significantly increase the number of live calls and connections they make with customers every day. It’s an intelligent phone dialing system that uses modern technology to make outbound calls and engage call center agents on calls that are answered by real people only.

The system leverages algorithms to call customers or prospects. Predictive dialers work by dialing outbound call numbers several seconds before call center agents end their ongoing calls. This process enables the agents to get on the next call immediately without being subjected to any downtime. To do this, predictive dialers use highly efficient computer algorithms to forecast how long an agent will take on a call and then use that statistical data to determine when to dial the next number.

But this isn’t the only aspect that makes predictive dialers critical for businesses. They empower call center agents in the process, and by extension, businesses by placing calls at optimal times and filtering anomalies such as disconnections, busy networks, and automatic answering machines. This feature makes them ideal investments for any company keen on building a strong customer base and growing its sales revenue.

To enable the process, predictive dialers are designed with five key components:

  1. A contact management software: This integrates with a company’s customer relationship management system or database. Its primary role is to determine the phone numbers to call and when to ring them up.
  2. An administrator software: This helps with managing the agents that work in the call center
  3. A call progress software: A component responsible for identifying call results, like distinguishing between a no answer, a busy signal, a voicemail, or a live response.
  4. Reporting dashboard: The component that’s responsible for tracking results
  5. Algorithms: These constitute the most critical component of predictive dialers: they are responsible for predicting when to dial customers. Predictive dialers do this by running through the list of numbers to be dialed as the algorithm determines the concurrent call ratio. This pertains to the number of calls that should be placed per call center agent.

The algorithms in predictive dialers track four main things:

  1. The rate of historical hits
    1. The rate of real-time hits
    1. Call agent’s duration of average and real-time calls
    1. Number of call center agents available

Why Should Businesses Use Predictive Dialers?

There are many benefits that predictive dialers offer businesses. These include:

Increases Productivity Of Call Agents

Predictive dialers are highly effective in boosting the productivity of call agents. By automating their calling systems, enterprises empower call agents to handle more calls than they would when they’re using conventional calling systems. Predictive dialer systems can detect once a real client has been reached. As such, the call center agents’ time is maximized since it’s almost guaranteed that there’s live contact in any call they take.

Boosts Interaction Between Customers And Agents

Predictive dialers apply algorithms and other mathematical formulas to predict agent availability and call answer time before modifying the dialing rate as needed. The cloud-based technology that underlies predictive dialers also analyzes unsuccessful calls to determine whether callbacks are required. By doing so, they boost the number of interactions that call center agents have with customers.

It also reduces the call waiting time significantly, which is crucial for enhancing a positive customer experience. Companies that are already using customer relationship management software can boost their customer interactions by integrating predictive dialers into their systems and setting up a good dial ratio. This synergy leads to higher sales as dialers improve outbound call quality in terms of call routing and timing, irrespective of customer volume.

Accelerates The Sales Processes

Every lead that a business generates presents a chance to sell. But leads don’t just convert into customers automatically; they must be nurtured. One of the strategies that sales teams use to foster leads is through calls. By enhancing call planning and precision, predictive dialers are instrumental tools that sales teams can use to cultivate leads and accelerate sales.

For instance, after contacting a lead, sales reps need to follow them up. At this point, callbacks are necessary. In most cases, sales reps need to make multiple calls to leads to win them over and convert them. Predictive dialers not only enable reps to plan their calls with precision, but they also save the communication history they have with all customers. This makes it easy for them to have all the pertinent information they need about customers or prospects at hand.

Increases Efficiency 

Enterprises are always looking for the most efficient ways to achieve their goals. They accomplish their aim by using their resources—technical, human, and financial—the best way possible. By boosting call center performance, predictive dialers provide businesses with an effective way of enhancing efficiency without spending money on hiring extra staff, training current teams, or investing tons of money for the set-up.

With a predictive dialer, your communication system can deduce the customer data you already have in your database and provide meaningful insights. Using the average call handling data, predictive dialer algorithms can predict agent availability and make outbound calls to customers. This enhances the communication process between call center agents and customers and boosts that overall agent efficiency in the business.

For instance, if you’re running an e-commerce business, predictive dialers can reduce the customer’s waiting time or the number of dropped calls substantially by predicting the agent’s immediate availability. Besides this, having the software manage your call center function enables you to reduce the time you spend managing your call center agents. This means you’ll be able to focus on more strategic activities to grow your company.

Reduces Communication Costs

While installing a predictive dialer can initially feel like a costly investment, it would be an effective way of lowering communication costs in the long run. This is because predictive dialers provide businesses with precise and accurate information about existing and potential customers. They furnish companies with the demographics of potential customers, including gender and age. With these details, businesses can readily identify the leads who are interested in buying from you.

Predictive dialers also provide information on what customers say about your offerings. This provides you the leeway to customize your messages for them. At the same time, predictive dialers lower overhead expenses. They enable companies to call only those numbers that have already shown prior interest in the business. This allows them to use the money they would otherwise spend on long-distance calls on hiring more employees.

Predictive dialers also reduce marketing costs because not every prospect gets a call. Since all calls are routed automatically, the business does not incur additional expenses in extra fees. This enables you to maintain low overhead costs while growing your company.

Maintains An Updated Database

A customer database is one of the critical assets that your business holds. The information in the database provides valuable insights into customer behavior and trends. Once analyzed, customer information enables enterprises to deduce results that become useful in boosting business sales. Since predictive dialers integrate easily with CRMs, customer databases are automatically updated as call center agents use lots of information from prospective customers.

Each set of customer information plays a critical role in making sales pitches. For instance, customers located in different time zones need to be engaged at different times. Customers can also be categorized based on their interests. This enables businesses to conduct intelligent outreaches that result in higher conversions.

Enhances Cost-Effectiveness

Whether big or small, every business wants to find the most cost-effective way of spending money. One way of doing this is finding tools that have the right features to give better results. Predictive dialers have cloud integration abilities, meaning they’re capable of running completely free of any physical or hardware foundation. The intelligence they use to make outbound calls makes it possible for enterprises to determine the overall volume of calls that call center agents can make to connect meaningfully with customers. These aspects make predictive dialer a cost-effective system to have in businesses.

Boosts Customer Service

Using predictive dialers enables businesses to enhance the quality of their customer service. The systems do this by reducing call anomalies like disconnections, automated responses, and busy networks. Since call center agents become more efficient in connecting with customers, the number of incoming customer calls is also reduced. The more customers register satisfaction with the way your business treats them, the more they are likely to buy from your company in the future.

Generates More Leads

When it comes to generating leads, predictive dialers have proven to be more affordable and efficient than other conventional telemarketing methods. It’s a given that businesses are always looking to procure leads, which pertains to people who express interest in their offerings. But lead generation isn’t a one-time activity. Any corporate marketing professional knows that it would take time.

Predictive dialers empower businesses to develop more leads by enabling customers and prospects to access their database and get callbacks from sales reps. With this access, such candidates are likely to proceed and buy products from the business than they would when the business is contacting them directly.

One of the ways predictive dialers bring in leads is by increasing the traffic of leads to the business and amplify sales conversion rates. Companies that have systems for sending bulk emails have an advantage: they can increase their sales with predictive dialers.

Improves Customer Experience

Customer experience matters to all kinds of consumers. Positive experiences keep them coming back, while negative experiences send them off to your competitors. Predictive dialers go a long way in helping businesses give customers positive experiences anytime they reach out to their customer service or sales teams. These cloud-based systems do this in various ways.

Predictive dialers allow businesses to leverage voice messaging and call routing technology to link callers with the right employees. It also authorizes call center agents to make cold calls and answer customer queries. This permits them to serve customers better, which enhances customer experience.

At the same time, predictive dialers provide businesses with detailed customer information, including their likes and dislikes. This information makes it easier for the business to customize its communication with customers or prospects. This gives them positive experiences, which also enhances consumer satisfaction.

Bottom Line

Businesses are increasingly investing in cloud-based calling systems to consolidate their call center functions on a single platform. Predictive dialers are proving to be the most efficient, cost-effective way of upgrading the connection between call center agents and customers or prospects. As automated call dialing solutions, predictive dialers aid businesses in streamlining and accelerating outbound calls.

Using these systems, call centers can dial contacts automatically and link callers with agents who have picked their calls already.  They also gather customer information and send it to the company’s CRM to enable the business to cultivate more high-value leads. Whether you’re running a big business or a small one, a predictive dialer system can help improve your customer service efficiency, elevate your lead generation efforts, and even enhance the customer experience.