How old is too old for a career change?

It’s perfectly normal to look back and wish you’d taken a different path, but don’t forget it’s never too late to make changes which includes changing your career.

Many people, even well into their 50’s, take a step back and look at their career path regularly. At this stage, there are still plenty of options for retraining and changing career path at this stage, and even later on in life.


Did you fall into your career?


Many people choose a career path and dedicate their life to it. They work hard at gaining qualifications and attending various courses and talks to better their career position. Now this is a great idea, if you have chosen the right career path in the first place. However, there are also those who may not know what they want to do with their life and simply fall into a career path. This sometimes works out as a good thing, offering unexpected rewards and experiences. However, it can also leave you questioning your career choices and in desperate need of change. So, whether you’ve lost the buzz you once felt for your current job, or you just fancy taking a new direction, there are plenty of adult learning courses available to suit your needs. You just need to decide which path to take.


Change – Is it too scary for you?


As you get older, the concept of change can become a scarier prospect than it once was, particularly when it comes to your career. For most people considering a career change later in life, their main worry is that they are too old to cope with a new start and should be considering slowing down before retirement. However, with a population that is living longer than ever, many people are successfully changing careers and working well into their retirement years. Many are happy that they made the change to work at something they are passionate about and gives them a sense of purpose.


In fact, many successful new businesses are started by people in their 50’s, who have a clear idea of who they are and what they want to achieve. Many venture capital and funding options are favoured towards enterprises run by more mature, self-assured and experienced leaders. You can learn this from books like [amazon template=product&asin=1451608322]


Work for an older body


Another aspect that can hold you back is the worry about energy levels. Naturally as you age, your energy levels can decrease and perhaps you don’t feel as vivacious as you once were, but don’t let this put you off. Scientifically, doing a job that you love which plays exactly to your strengths will naturally give you the energy boost you need to succeed and power on through the day.

Not only that, but don’t forget the amount of “life experience” an older candidate can bring to the table. Combine that with the right qualifications, and you will look far better on paper than some fresh faced, young graduate. Yes, there is a need for fresh talent that can be moulded to suit a business’s needs, but there is also just the same need for experienced and mature senior employees too. These are employees that can draw on far more life and work experience that can be adapted to multiple situations but, sometimes, life experience and personality goes a lot further than you may think.


So, in answer to the question “How old is too old for a career change?” – Never!

It’s definitely never too late to fulfil your dreams and try something new. Take all of your self-confidence, life experience and passion and apply it to something you love. You may need some new qualifications, but if you’re serious about change then you can achieve anything you want. With plenty of adult learning courses to choose from, the world is your oyster.


Ms. Career Girl

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