I Want to Have Another Baby, But I’m Scared to Get a Tubal Reversal: What Should I Do?

another baby

When you decide that you want to expand your family, you should feel excited! You are ready to have another baby, but if you’ve had your tubes tied, this desire might feel out of reach due to your fears. When it comes to getting a tubal reversal, it’s okay to feel scared. Here are some tips and guidance to help you move forward confidently with your decision.

Understand the technicalities

It’s helpful to understand some of the technicalities of tubal reversal surgery to ease your worries. When you had your first tubal ligation procedure, your fallopian tubes are blocked or “tied.” When you’re considering a reversal of this procedure to become a new mom again, it’s commonly referred to as a tubal ligation reversal. This procedure restores your fertility. What was once previously blocked off within the fallopian tubes is reconnected. To be frank, this allows the sperm to reach your eggs again.

However, it is not necessarily the optimal procedure for everyone. Factors and risks to consider may include your weight, age, and chances of fertility. You want this procedure to yield a successful pregnancy, so if you have concerns with any of those factors, you should consider a more thorough discussion with your fertility doctor.

Confide in others

Sometimes, all you need is to feel less scared is some encouragement from other moms who have gone through the same reversal surgery. Trulymama.com is an amazing online community for moms. As you encounter this new journey, you can seek advice from other women who care and know what it’s like to be mothers. You can also read product reviews and even find tips for your post-surgery pregnancy. The best part about this community is that you’re never alone. You can confide in moms who know firsthand what it’s like to navigate the sometimes anxiety-provoking world of motherhood.

Contact fertility clinics

If you want more answers and clarification for your future pregnancy post-surgery, head to a fertility clinic. Clinics can help to assess costs and pregnancy success rates post-surgery. They can also field any general questions and concerns. Tubal ligation reversal surgery can be costly, so if you’re looking for a tubal reversal under 3000, check out this clinic. The Pacific Fertility Clinic has helpful services, call centers with knowledgable staff, and useful information on the details of this surgery. One point that might ease your nerves is that their tube reversals are successful 90-95% of the time. With this reassuring fact in mind, you can contact their clinic to explore your options and discuss if you’re a good candidate.

Know what to expect

To calm any of your fears, this is what you can expect if you decide to go through with the surgery.

A week or so before surgery, you will have a check-up to ensure all is well before surgery. On the day of the surgery, you will arrive at the clinic and prepare for the procedure with the surgical team. The procedure is usually done laparoscopically, which is low-risk and minimally damaging. The procedure only lasts around an hour and a half. Upon waking, you have a couple of monitored hours to ensure you’re feeling better after the surgery. The reversal is an outpatient procedure, meaning you do not have to stay overnight.

Next up is your post-operative care, where you will meet with the doctor once more to make sure you’re feeling good and that all is healing appropriately. Once cleared by your doctor, you can be well on your to conceive.

You’re ready to be a new mom again. And if it’s something you truly want, then it’s worth going through the tubal reversal. Once you have calmed your fears and undergone your reversal procedure, you can finally add another member to your beautiful, growing family.