Diva Detox: Invest in Treating Yourself

Career girls know how important it is to balance work and play. After having worked your butt off to get that paycheck, it is important to realize that when treating one’s self, it should be considered as an investment. After all, without a safe and sane diversion from your everyday hustle, burning out is a big possibility.


One advise I can give women is to look at relaxation as something that should be spent on with a longer and more useful perspective of return. Sure, you can run to a bar with the girls every weekend, but how much is that cocktail and how long does it benefit you? If you will be spending on yourself, make sure that the money you spend goes a long way. Here are some ideas for stretching your dime on a diva detox!

1. Invest in Your Personal Space.

No girl can resist the call of the mall. Whether you’re a bargain hunter or a big spender, always keep in mind that it is not the number of bags that you take home nor the amount of money you think you’e saved that’s important. It’s the quality, longevity, and usefulness of the items you buy that makes it a steal. You may have saved a big on buying that second pair of shoe, but if it is something that will only last you until the 2nd use, you will end up losing that money forever.

Apply the same principle to make up or beauty products. Read reviews, labels, shop for the best deal instead of getting a cheap fix that might even just give you a date with a dermatologist. When you are getting sucked in by the temptation of retail therapy, open your closet, survey your stuff, and assess what you really need, like making a grocery list.

Find something of premium quality, a fashion investment rather than one that you’d break in a month. Being able to buy something you actually need and can last as oppose to buying the first thing that has a red tag on it will benefit you in the long run.

Many girls feel that spending here and there frequently is the key to saving on relaxation. Look at the bigger picture to see if it will help you better in the long run for you to spend more on a single occasion instead. Treating yourself is a crucial investment that many girls overlook. Just as a financial investment you have to make smart and well informed decisions to make sure you are doing the right thing. Don’t be afraid to make a big spend it will be one that ultimately contributes to your overall well-being.

How do YOU invest in detoxifying and relaxing? What “big” spending moments have made you feel like it was totally worth it? Share it with us at @mscareergirl or comment below!

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