Love It or Hate It? – Three Spring Trends That Aren’t for Everyone

It’s Springtime, which means several things: wearing white is not a crime, Americans have a reason to purge their homes of Winter filth and new trends. While I could do without Spring cleaning, I love spring trends!  Spring is the one time of year that pastel colors are popular and the looks are refreshing with florals and metallics. However, not all trends are for everyone. Some trends are just for runway concepts and cannot be worn in everyday, practical situations. Three popular Spring trends this year are florals, mod and ruffles.

1. Floral Prints

Floral prints are the essence of Spring and are bright in color, however, if done wrong, can scream “FTD, come pick me up.” There are some floral print elements that do not translate well in the real world. For instance, a full floral print suit in the office is not maj, but is amazing for a Dolce & Gabbana ad.  Florals should be worn in moderation (as with any trend). Mix up a solid color look with a floral print wedge. If you would like to make a statement, a stand-alone pastel floral dress is just enough to make a perfect sassy look.


2. Mod

Mod is everywhere this season including the runway, print and on some of our favorite bloggers. Although mod is a Euro-culture style, it is in fully effect, and unfortunately people are overdoing the stylish trend. Boxy dresses, stripped pants, bubble sunglasses and checkered jackets are mod defining, however, the items should not be worn simultaneously, unless you’re Elton John. Also, depending on body type, be careful about the mod patterns you select because these patterns can cause unflattering effects on existing problem areas.

3. Ruffles

Ruffles add femininity and drama. The number one goal with ruffles is: make sure you do not look like a character from Gone with the Wind. Selecting the wrong ruffles can create drama and exaggeration, that can create problems in the wrong places. On the runway, in order to create drama, the designer will create big ruffles for a glamorous effect, however for everyday people, ruffles should be subtle like a fringe on the bottom of a dress or an accent on the heel of a shoe.

What Spring trends are you loving and hating right now? What other trends would you like to see this Spring? Would you wear mod, floral prints or ruffles?