How to Make Your Wedding Party Memorable  

A wedding is always memorable, even if you do not do anything special on the day of the wedding. A wedding is special for several reasons, and is talked about for years. However, if you want it to be memorable for other people as well, you will have to take a few steps.

Look for wedding party favors and see what works and what doesn’t. A wedding is basically an event when the bride and the groom tie the knot, and the celebration comes afterwards in the form of a wedding party.

While wedding is mostly a personal event with family and close friends, most people have a bigger guest list for the wedding party itself. You must plan intelligently to make sure everyone not only enjoys the wedding party but also remember it.

Here are some tips to make your wedding party memorable:

Host A Reception On An Exotic Location

Hosting receptions in gardens and homes is quite mainstream. You can try something different to make sure everyone enjoys the event more. The wedding isn’t going to be memorable only for you and your partner, but for the guests as well. Throw a Reception party on a yacht or a beach. Renting a yacht will cost a lot, so you can consider other ideas too.

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Exchange Gifts With Your Spouse

We know you’re already planning on getting a nice gift for your partner, but you can be creative when it comes to gifts. Do not just grab a ring or a necklace. Put some more effort into what you’re getting them.

A personalized gift would be great. How about preparing a dance for your partner? This will take him or her by surprise and also add a zing to the party.

Invite a Celeb

Sounds like a strange idea? Well most of us would like to roam around celebs, surprisingly a number of people are against the idea of inviting celebs to their wedding simply because they do not want someone else to take away their sheen.

However, this changes from person to person and if you’re okay with having a known name at the party, then sends in an invite to your favorite celeb.

Now the chances of them attending the event are nearly zero, but they like to pull off stunts every now and then so why not see if you’re the lucky one.

Remember Ethics

People are going to remember and talk about how you treat them, Greet all these the attendees nicely once they arrive and arrange a lavish supper for them. Make it a point to allow your guests to enjoy their time by listening to music (you can have a DJ) and talking to each other.

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 Great Music

A wedding can seem boring if there is no good music in it. So mix it up with music and if possible, call musicians to breathe life into your wedding party. People could have different taste in music so you can make everyone happy by making the musicians play ‘song requests’. Or you can go for a custom playlist, you know your guest better as there will be your friends, family, co-workers etc.


These simple steps will make your wedding party memorable. And to make sure no body forgets the details, add a photo booth so that everything can be saved in the camera.