Meal Replacement Shakes: Sip your Way to Weight Loss!

Excess weight is a unifying problem that it affects women and men in much the same way. While men and women often store fat in different places, and suffer different health issues as a result of being overweight, the one thing we all agree on is that losing weight is a tough task. To make matters worse, and I know this first-hand, many of the accepted methods for losing weight are also expensive.

On the plus side, I have a cheap solution that will help you lose weight without sweating or milking your wallet dry: meal replacement shakes. Meal replacement shakes are a great way to lose weight and in this article I’ll tell you all you need to know about them.

I love meal replacement shakes because they banish the weight loss myth that you have to starve yourself to get results. With meal replacement shakes, you still lose weight but also get to eat all of your favorite foods too.

Meal replacement shakes are formulas that provide your body with all its nutritional requirements while reducing your calorie intake. You already know that calories are what are responsible for your 90+ kilogram body weight!


Meal replacement shakes, also known as diet shakes, are mostly high in protein but low in carbs and you simply replace one or two regular meals per day and have a low calorie shake instead.

The shake provides you with all the energy you need to keep going without having any excesses calories to store. At the same time, they encourage your body to burn the excess fat so you lose weight quickly and easily.

Once you have chosen the right diet shake (you might need physician for assistance), start by eliminating just one meal per day, maybe breakfast. Experts recommend that you replace the meal that you think has the highest number of calories. If you do this, the weight loss process is faster. If you replace the meal with the least calories, you will still lose weight, but it might take longer. Don’t worry about finding the top brands; here is my review of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss that I recommend.

Regular users of meal replacement shakes will be happy to tell you why the love them so much; the main reasons being that they are very easy to use. This ease of use is made possible by several factors.

One; they are in the form of drinks, and, compared to alternatives like the gym, they are very easy to pick up.

Second, they come in lots of different, natural, flavors to suit all tastes although I go for chocolate every time!  This makes the potentially scary thought of skipping dinner much less so as you get to drink something that tastes wonderful.

Some dieticians may warn that meal replacements are not very safe. For example, if you rely on them too much, you might end up taking in little to no fiber which could be harmful to your health. They might also highlight the social aspect of eating, which is sitting down with others and enjoying a meal together.

However, if you are sensible, you can find a way around these problems and that makes meal replacement shakes a magic way to sip and lose weight!

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