Mindfulness in Work and Life

Balancing your work responsibilities and personal life can be a struggle if you’re a working mom. At home, you’re expected to provide unending care and love to your children. At work, you’re expected to perform at your best day in and day out. That’s why 4 in 10 find parenting tiring while 29% say they are stressed most/all of the time. 

Adopting a mindful approach to work and life can increase your resilience and help you navigate your roles as an employee and parent with grace. Even simple mindfulness techniques, like deep breathing, can reduce your acute stress and help you refocus in the middle of a temper tantrum or midweek meeting. 

Mindfulness can help you become more productive, too. A mindful approach to life helps you see the bigger picture and prioritize events that are actually important. This is crucial if you’re a parent and are concerned that overworking is taking you away from your kids too often. 

Self-Care and Busy Schedules

If you’re constantly juggling work and home responsibilities, you may mistakenly believe that you do not have time for self-care. This is a serious misstep, as self-care can help you become more productive and minimize your risk of overworking. So, instead of putting your own needs last, try to find ways to find balance as a busy parent by engaging in activities like: 

● Breaks: Schedule short breaks throughout the day where you can relax, recharge, and be present. Even a short, five-minute break can put the wind back in your sails and help you rediscover your energy. Taking breaks helps you schedule the rest of your day properly. 

● Wellness: Treat yourself to wellness products and set aside time for beauty treatment. This increases your self-esteem and helps you navigate the world with greater confidence. 

● Exercise: A short workout is just what you need when life feels overwhelming. A spin class or yoga flow will release endorphins and help you feel happier. 

Sometimes, self-care is as simple as saying “no” or admitting that you need help. Oftentimes, your partner or peers do not know you’re struggling to keep up and accidentally overburden you. Adopting a more mindful approach can increase your self-awareness and help you be more forthcoming about the struggles you face. This is crucial when requesting help and will ensure you have the support you need to lead a healthy, happy lifestyle. 


When was the last time you enjoyed an evening with friends? If, like most busy parents, it’s been months since your last outing, you should make a change today. Socialization can increase your lifespan, reduce your stress, and help you feel more contented. 

Mindful socialization can help you rest and recover, too. This can represent a marked change if you’re used to meeting up with people in bars and burning the midnight candle to find time for friends. Mindful socialization opportunities—like spa days, coffee dates, or painting workshops—help you connect on a deeper level and bring the best out of you. 

Socialization shouldn’t break the bank, either. Instead, balance your budget and social calendar effectively by letting folks know that you’re saving money and don’t want to blow through your paycheck on a single night out. When you are planning a night out, use budgeting tools to stay on track and opt for free activities like hiking, museum tours, or movie nights at home. Not only are these activities cheaper, but they’ll help you tap into the more mindful side of life. 

Healthy Habits

Forming healthy habits isn’t just important for your kids. As an adult with a busy schedule, you must incorporate health-boosting habits into your everyday life if you want to preserve your mental well-being and move through the world with greater mindfulness.

Simple changes, like drinking more water, can make you calmer and energize you throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water can improve your cognitive function and help you get more out of mindfulness exercises. This is key, as many mindful techniques are meditative and require you to be fully present in the moment. 

If meditation isn’t your thing, consider journaling instead. Journaling encourages self-reflection and helps you regain a sense of control in life. Keeping a journal can help you cultivate better mental health and increase your confidence. By writing down your goals, you become an active participant in your life and are more likely to learn from setbacks. 

Setting aside a few minutes for self-care can be particularly powerful if you’re a business owner. Self-care for business owners is crucial as reading a book, taking a trip, or hiking gives you a chance to look at the bigger picture of your life. This promotes greater mindfulness and helps you conjure up creative ways to overcome challenging problems. 


Mindfulness can be a powerful tool in your self-help arsenal. As a busy parent, setting aside time for yourself sets a good example for your kids, too. Get started with simple changes like drinking more water and exercising regularly. This will increase your energy throughout the day and give you a chance to hit the reset button when life becomes overwhelming. 

When you do get five minutes to yourself, consider journaling or reading to take your mind away from any acute stress you’re under. 

This guest post was authored by Ainsley Lawrence

Ainsley Lawrence is a writer who loves to talk about how business and professionalism intersect with the personal, social, and technological needs of today. She is frequently lost in a good book.


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