Mother’s Day Gift Idea: I Smell Great Products

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you have a fun day planned or just a relaxing “mom-cation”, the celebration is always more fun after with some luxurious primping. This year, treat your mom to some great beauty goods!

I Smell Great‘ was started by Randi Shinder in LA. You know Randi from popular products like CLEAN perfumes and Jessica Simpson’s Dessert Beauty. For her next great endeavor, she teamed up with Jane Daly, a perfume industry aficionado, to create I Smell Great, with top-of-the-line fragrances, body whips, and more.

The I Smell Great line comes in 4 amazing scents of Wild Honey, Beach Babe, Candy Crush, and Angel Cake. I Smell Great also lets you create personalized fragrances by mixing and matching the 4 scents above!

Whether your are surprising your mom or treating yourself, here are a few of our MCG favorites to help celebrate your Mother’s Day:

Hair Fragrance 

After the gym or while catching your next flight, your hair can loose its luster. The I Smell Great Hair Fragrance is a great pick-me-up while on the go. The product smells GREAT and is an easy spray-on. My hair felt soft and fresh; had great shine with no residue; and every hair flip left a nice, light, fragrance.


Soft Body Whip

This is, by far, my favorite product and scent. The soft body whip contains almond oil and Vitamin E, which are great at hydrating and moisturizing skin. After applying the lotion, I felt like I was wearing a silk glove. Even after 2 hours, my skin stayed soft and supple in the cold Chicago winter. The best part is that the lotion isn’t greasy or oily after spreading; you doesn’t even feel like the product is there! The scent is also one of my favorites, Wild Honey. It is a sweet and delicate smell that’s perfect for my Valentine’s Day plans!

Wellness Water Mist

This innovative product works as a hydrating body mist. The mist contains only the best ingredients, including purified water, aloe, and glycerin. After spraying the product, slowly spread it over your skin to feel the hydration. If you are a Chicago girl (or in another cold state), this product is definitely great for those cold, dry days. Just spray on after your shower and you are ready to go!

The scent ‘Beach Babe’ is another favorite. When smelling it, I imagined being on a California beach with lots of sun, a light breeze, while hanging out with my best friends. This isn’t just a scent, but truly an experience.


Eau de Parfum

Perfumes are a staple in any girl’s Valentine’s Day plans. You want a perfume that is noticeable, without suffocating your date. The I Smell Great perfume does just that. A few spritzes are just enough to last a whole work day. The Angel Cake sent smells delicious, like smelling a fresh cake or cupcake with delicious icing. The product come in really cute packaging that would make for a great gift for any age!

The best part about all these products is the quality. I Smell Great team has curated 4 amazing scents using only high quality ingredients. Let us know if you have any favorites by leaving a comment below!

Akshaya Vardhan

Akshaya Vardhan is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she studied Statistics. After receiving an M.S. in Statistics, Akshaya pursued her career as a Consultant with a Chicago Insurance company. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, traveling, and (lots of) food. Follow Akshaya on Twitter @AkshayaVardhan