Tips and tricks for creating an office space people will want to work in

creating amazing office space

We’ve all worked in an office that’s been, shall we say, less than habitable. Your desk was so battered it looked like it had been foraged out of a skip and your chair had been sat on so many times it didn’t actually have any padding left in the seat (much to the despair of your poor bum cheeks!)

So what types of office space do people want? Here are some tips and tricks on how to make yours more enjoyable for you and your employees – and boost both productivity and morale.

Make space

A cramped office isn’t going to do you any favours and one of the easiest ways to create space is to remove that sad old document filing system from the room. Move your important documents somewhere safer, talk to a professional storage company, such as Kelly’s Document Storage, who can help you move your necessary files and keep them stored securely – plus if you need to access them in the office you can visit scanned versions online so they’re never out of reach.

Throw in some plants

A study by psychologists at Exeter University has discovered that people react positively and work better if they can see a plant while sitting at their desk. More and more office spaces are taking a minimalist approach to design these days, which can leave employees feeling disengaged from their environment but once houseplants were introduced workers were discovered to be 15% more productive.

Comfort is key

Ensure your employees have comfortable chairs and desks at the right height to ensure they can work without feeling hindered. We’re not saying give everyone a massaging, all singing all dancing computer chair, just ensure it can be adjusted and moved easily.

Hang up some pictures

Sure the company logo on the wall is important but you need to add a human element to an office to help people relax. Don’t be afraid to implement some fun into your workspace, some good examples are a ‘bang head here to relieve stress’ sign, which will encourage people to be more open about their workload if it is too much. Or a gallery of employee portraits on the wall in fun frames to help people feel like they are part of a family, rather than a stuffy business.

Don’t leave out the fun

Yes, we know your employees are there to work but it’s a good idea to let them know they can take 15 minutes out of their day to relax a little and socialise with other employees. It’s a better way than talking over monitors. Bring in a Ping-Pong table, celebrate company anniversaries with champagne and a party at lunch, go out for beers once a month or incorporate fun competitions in the calendar – employees love getting involved in cook offs and seasonal activities and you can even raise money for a charity.

While you might not be able to install a slide between office floors, implementing these tips and tricks shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s important that a workplace feels inviting, motivating and comfortable for employees to ensure your business continues to grow and evolve – don’t stamp out the fun, embrace it and see just how great things can become.

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