Finding Your Fit: Why Company Culture is More Important More Than Ever.

Company Culture

Landing a job is a huge accomplishment, but even more so, a huge commitment you’re about to add to your life. Although this new job title may be everything you have imagined, you may be entering a company without knowing if it is a good fit for you. More than ever, your workplace should reflect your personal values and agenda; you should never feel like you’re sacrificing your standards for a paycheck. A company’s culture should be something you research and know before making the commitment to work there.

While visiting a high-tech start-up in London this past spring, the company environment seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. At first, the co-founder and employees agreed that the job was great, until I was able to speak to one of the women working there in private. Without this conversation, away from her boss, I would have never though that the company not only pays her less, but that she was one of only five women employed since the company was started. This is why one-on-one talks and research is imperative before accepting a job offer.

Take note when you start to see red flags. A high salary or good benefits can seem enticing, but company culture may leave you feeling dissatisfied with your new position. These are some things do look out for when you are looking into the company culture of a potential employer:

1.) Employees talk about the company culture.

If you want to love your job, you have to love the culture first. The first sign of a positive company culture is how passionate employees are about it and why they feel that it’s important that you contribute the existing culture.

2) Co-workers socialize outside the workplace

Would you want to spend time with your potential co-workers outside of work? If the answer is yes, it is a good indication that you’ll like the company culture. You can always ask an employee or interviewer how much time they spend with their coworkers outside the office. If you love the people you work with, you’ll be more excited to come to work in the morning.

3) Too much leadership is a bad sign

If only executives have nice offices and you have no clue who your senior management would be, it is likely that the company is very hierarchal and will be hard to grow internally. The effect of a company’s leaders can always be seen in one way or another, do your research and find out who these people are.

4) There’s no metaphor behind clutter.

Being at work should not emulate your messy room. If a company doesn’t value the environment, then there is likely a reason behind why.

5) Internal competition

While office productivity is important, employees should focus on competing with competitors, not each other. Internal competition causes high stress levels and can become unbearable. Playing as a team, not as enemies, should always be at the heart of a company.

By Annie Kim and Michael McKay, Jozii– College Jobs Made Easy

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