Network Everywhere You Go!

By, Ashley Bodi

Every day millions of people around the world limit their networking efforts to online social networks.  Go against the crowd!  With all the online social networks we have at our fingertips, don’t underestimate the power of networking with others around you wherever you go. Network when you go out to eat, when you are shopping, when you travel in airports or wherever your day takes you.

Why?  Because most people won’t.  Don’t forget there could be potential customers or future employers standing right next to you when you are “busy” fiddling with your phone.

When you go shopping, talk to the girl waiting on you.  Don’t be afraid to
tell her what you do for a living.  You never know how a conversation about a cute handbag could lead to a new customer or opportunity.  In fact, there’s a good chance your sales associate is doing the same thing as you- working a day job and a side job.

I can’t tell you how many amazing people I have met while being out
and about. These chance encounters have turned into relationships that have become some of the people I work closest with and go to for advice.

There are so many opportunities when you talk with those around you. If they have a business card, make sure to exchange. Never underestimate the power of the business card!  Those things are like gold waiting to be found.  Seriously, don’t leave the house without your business cards.

In order to be extraordinary, you must think outside of the box when building or running a business. Those who go the traditional way these days are sort of caught in the crowd and overlooked. Think about something outrageous you saw.  Every time you think about that event, you know exactly what it is about.  And you won’t forget about it either!

Make what you do stand out and don’t be afraid to go outside of your boundaries.  Don’t be afraid to stand on the edge, especially if you have a great thing people should know about. Sometimes fear can hold us back from opportunities. Until you at least try, you will never know just how great you, your business or your career can be.

Always remember to reach out to those that you meet because your next
awesome customer, employer or connection could be standing right next to you.  Online networking is great, but at the core we all still want face-to-face interaction.  That’s how people truly remember you and get to know the person behind the

Don’t just think outside the box when it comes to networking, think WAY outside the box.

  • Have you ever exchanged business cards with someone while you were out?  Where were you and what became of the connection?
  • How soon do you follow up with someone after meeting them?

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