How to Pack for 3 Different Fall Getaways

Fall can be the perfect time of year to take a vacation. Why? As the hot, summer days start to dwindle and school begins, the beaches and getaway locations become the perfect places to spend a long weekend. Fewer crowds, reduced prices, and temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold all combine to make a perfect vacation.

The trick, however, comes in getting the necessary gear ready for the time away. Depending on the location, a few sweaters, as well as a swimsuit, may just be warranted. Here’s a helpful look at what to pack for three very different fall getaways:

Berkshire Mountains

Nature lovers will revel in the beauty of western Massachusetts with a visit to the Berkshire Mountains. With plenty to do from fall festivals to white water rafting to hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail, this Eastern United States destination will give travelers an itinerary perfectly customizable to their own level of leisure. Those who love a good trip to the mountains may want to stock up on a few of these items:

  • Sturdy shoes (hiking or walking) with considerable traction.
  • A few extra blankets
  • Light jackets
  • An umbrella
  • An outfit for going out

For more ideas on what to do on this mountain getaway, take some advice from Fodor’s Travel.

Dominican Republic

While the temperatures are cooling down in the States, it’s still heating up in the Dominican Republic. Eighty degrees is the year-round average, a temperature hot enough for sunbathing, relaxing with toes buried deep in the sand, and learning a new sport like skimboarding.

Many resorts offer discounts in the off-peak season, so it pays to visit after August. The only slight downside can be an upsurge in rainy days with the potential for a tropical storm or hurricane, so keep an eye on the weather forecast. If no weather issues can be viewed, an exciting trip is forthcoming.

To prepare for any potential weather issues and to have a good time, pack these ten essential pieces in your bag for the Dominican Republic:

  • An umbrella, rain coat or poncho
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • A Spanish dictionary
  • Insect repellant
  • Medication and First Aid products
  • Small USD bills for tips
  • A money conversion card – this helps calculate the rate of exchange from U.S. dollar to peso. Having this handy can be beneficial in paying fair prices.
  • Neoprene swimsuit for all the water activities
  • Sweater or light jacket

For more help on putting together your suitcase for the Dominican Republic, see what Debbie’s Dominican Travel recommends.

San Francisco

A trip to the beloved Golden Gate City is perfect for the traveler who wants to spend some time relaxing at the beach but also enjoy plenty to do in the city at the night. For history buffs, a trip to the infamous Alcatraz will be fascinating. For those who need a classic San Francisco tourist experience, Golden Gate Bridge and Park is worth exploring.

Fall can be a great time to head out to sunny California, but prepare yourself for the unpredictable weather and pack plenty of layers. With the ocean nearby, a cool wind can leave the air a little chilly. Here are a few ideas for packing bags for a San Francisco getaway:

  • Sweater and/or light jacket
  • Pair of long pants
  • Sunglasses
  • Walking shoes
  • A nice outfit for going out (with a cardigan, at least)
  • Cute scarf

Traveling in fall comes with many benefits: low rates, moderate temperatures and fewer crowds. These three great locations are worth considering if you’re planning a trip for the fall.

Savannah Hemmings

Savannah Hemmings is a personal stylist and personal finance wiz kid. She graduated from Tulane University with a degree in Journalism and uses it to right witty and delightful articles on her blog, SincerelySavannah. Connect wit her on Twitter: @savhemmings

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