10 Common Interview Questions For Back Office Jobs

Everyone feels nervous before an interview.  How should you behave?  What questions will be asked?  How should you answer different types of questions?  We’ve compiled some common interview questions for back office jobs to help you land that new job.

  1. What is your experience in back office environments?

If you have a vast experience in back office jobs, be prepared to speak about it in detail.  Use anecdotes to showcase your knowledge and skills as it relates to the position you are seeking.

If you are a newcomer in back office work, apply creativity to your response and show the interviewer that the skills you possess can compensate for your lack of experience.

  1. What do you know about our company?

Interviewers appreciate candidates that have some background information about the company.  Before going to the interview, browse the website of the company and especially read the pages “About us” and “Career”.   Check out the company’s social media pages and google the latest information about the company.

  1. Why do you want to work for us?

The point here is usually that the interviewer wants to know if you are aware of the culture of the company and are ready to support it.  Speak about this honestly.  For example, if the company stresses integrity with clients, share with them an example of how you have demonstrated integrity with a client previously.

  1. What improvements have you implemented in a back office?

It’s good if you have tons of ideas on how to improve a back office, but if you get this question, you should speak only about the ones that were implemented.  Having several examples to choose from will help you pick the one that best fits how the interview is going.  Remember, these should be success stories!  Do not tell a story about an idea that brought your previous company failure.

  1. How was your relationship with you previous boss? Were there any conflicts?

You shouldn’t say that there were no conflicts. Nobody will believe you. Say something like this instead: “There were some minor conflicts but they taught me to listen to other people’s viewpoint, to analyze my behavior, etc.” The interviewer is interested in your behavior during the conflict and how you can cope with the situation.

  1. What are your weaknesses?

Again, don’t say you have none.  No one is perfect, so be honest about your weak points.  Find a way to turn a weakness into a strength, by describing how you overcame the weakness.

  1. Why should we give the position to you?

Now is the time to speak about your education, experience, skills and personal traits related to the desired position.  Be charismatic and show your enthusiasm and desire to work at the company.  You only get one chance to make a first impression!

  1. What challenges do you expect in this position?

Speak about your desire to have a challenging job, that you are motivated by challenges, that you are able to apply all your skills and knowledge to combat the challenges and bring profit to the company.  Companies like people who are willing to tackle challenges head on.

  1. What is your salary expectation?

This is a tough question, and it’s usually better not to directly answer this question.  Ask the interviewer what the salary range is for the position and tell them you desire to be fairly compensated for your skills and the position.  Be prepared by knowing beforehand the general range for the position you are seeking.  If they insist on a number, be prepared to back up your number with reasons why you are worth what you are asking.  Most importantly, don’t sell yourself short!

  1. Do you have any questions for us?

Do not ask about salary, perks, or when you would start.  Ask something about the company to show your interest or ask a follow-up related to one of your interview questions

Now go get that back office job!


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