‘Punctuality Is The Politeness of Kings’- How To Be On Time, Every Time

When you’re late, it shows that you value your time above anyone else’s. To be successful, punctuality is one thing you absolutely have to get right. It shows you are efficient, can plan your time well and overall makes a good impression all round. Lateness can lose you serious respect, mean you lose clients, miss opportunities and so much more. All for something that can generally be avoided. Here are a few of the ways you can  ensure you’re always on time to boost your career’s success.


Get Ready The Night Before

Having your clothes, bag, lunch and everything else sorted the night before means everything will run much more smoothly in the morning. Any important paperwork should be done and ready to go. If you’re going somewhere new, the directions should all be sorted. You could even plan what you are having for breakfast so that when you get up, you know exactly what you need to do. When your morning goes well, it sets you up for a good day. So avoid all stress and put in the effort the night before to make sure nothing is overlooked.


Have a Backup Plan

You’re on time, everything is running smoothly, and you’re ready to set off for your day. You turn the ignition in your car- and realize something is wrong. Car troubles and unfortunate and can happen to anyone, so having a backup plan just in case is essential. You could sign up for an Uber account which would allow you to quickly book a ride to work if you need it. This is useful as everything is paid through your card, so there’s no need to mess around at cashpoints or locating cash like you have to with regular taxis. You can find out more information, as well as get discounts on sites such as https://rydely.com. If you usually catch the bus to work, it could also be useful in the event of missing buses. Don’t be late as a result of transport problems!


Leave Early

Always allow yourself extra time. That way you have room to maneuver if you do experience any issues. Bear in mind factors such as busy traffic, weather conditions, or if you’re going somewhere new the chance that you may get lost. In the cases of things like meetings, presentations, and interviews, arriving thirty minutes early gives you a chance to sit down and collect your thoughts rather than having to dive straight in.


Schedule Your Day

Having a schedule, and sticking to it allows you to plan your time better. It stops you from procrastinating and filling your time with things that aren’t important. If you know what you’re meant to be doing during the day and which time it helps you work much more efficiently. You could use a regular paper diary or notebook for this, or use an app such as this one on https://itunes.apple.com.


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