Ramit Says: What do you NOT care about spending money on?

By, Nicole Crimaldi

If you’re like most twentysomething females, balancing your personal finances is sometimes a tough job.  Not only do we have the normal expenses of food, rent and utilities,we have the temptation of fabulous beauty and fashion products looming over our heads. 

In Ramit Sethi’s book, “I Will Teach You to be Rich,” there is a section about identifying what you value so you can allocate your funds properly in order to afford it. 

Well let’s be honest, it’s so easy to come up with things to spend money on.  I could name a 25 things I value within 10 seconds.  For example, living in a safe AND fun neighborhood in downtown Chicago, having my car in the city, having a dog, getting my hair colored, spending time with friends outside of our apartments (ok, ok- going to bars and restaurants), just to name a few.

In Ramit’s July 28th, 2009 blog post, he asks: “What do you NOT care about spending money on?” What a simple question that is so tough to answer!

When reading the comments, a lot of people said that they didn’t care about beauty products, manis/pedis, spa treatments, or going out to bars.  Ouch.  Why do I have a feeling so many of these readers were men

As women, we can easily get caught up in the temptation of new shoes, new clothes, a trip to Sephora, and a new look at the hair salon.

This is also why we should identify what we DON’T care about spending money on so we can afford to color those dark roots.

What could YOU give up in your budget?

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