Seven Tips To Help You Launch Your New Business

When starting a business, begin with the basics – follow your dreams and do what you love. But it takes more than just a dream, it takes patience and passion, along with courageous action and determination. My experience in creating a modern Dream Pets inspired by R. Dakin’s iconic Dream Pets of the 1960s has shown me that success comes to those who persevere. Here are my tips to turn your passion project into a successful business.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Your Own Boss

Having always been tenacious and creative – I figured out early on I would always march to my own beat. In 1993 I started my own advertising company knowing it would be tough, but that my passion coupled with grit would take a few small initial orders and turn them into more. This is a drive that I’ve held onto during the creation Dream Pets.

Dream Big, But Dream Crazy Too

Don’t settle on the idea that a passion can’t become a career. Making a living out of something that you really love is incredibly thrilling. So allow your dreams to go a little crazy. Once you’re thinking outside the box – that’s where the truly great ideas come from.

Find Out What You Don’t Know

Just because you’ve loved something doesn’t mean you necessarily know all the ins and outs. Do extensive research about the industry and trends, and figure out what will set your business apart. And build a team of people you and trust, who each bring different valuable talents and knowledge.

Network, Share Your Passion

Opportunities can come from anywhere. You never know who you already may have in your network that would be interested in advising you or investing in your business. Be open to every opportunity, and every person you meet.

Build Off Of Small Goals

The most satisfying experiences are not always the most profitable ones. The small milestones such as getting great product feedback and overcoming obstacles can be huge in the long-run. Don’t forget that before you can get to the really big sales, you have to get that first order.

Always Listen

Listen intently to the advice and feedback of those around you. Read the comments of customers who take the time to share feedback, and don’t be insulted if it’s not all glowing – learn something. Listen to mentors who share what they’ve learned, their advice is your leg up. And don’t count out advice from suppliers because you never know how they can help improve a product, design or profitability. Partners and suppliers know the industry well and may even see something you didn’t notice.

Know You Can Turn A No Into A Yes

Hearing “no” isn’t pleasant but remember in some instances it could be just what you need to hear. It might be just what you need to ultimately get a “yes.” Learn from every experience and remain curious, open, and find ways to create new opportunities.

This guest post was authored by Paige Jansen-Nichols

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Paige Jansen-Nichols resides in Atlanta, Georgia, which also is the birthplace and headquarters of the modern plush toy brand, Dream Pets. A woman of multiple talents and industries, Paige originally launched her advertising company, Jansen Advertising, in 1993.

In 2005, Paige Jansen-Nichols began anticipating ownership of her favorite childhood collectible – the Dream Pets. By 2014, the wait was finally over and she immediately moved forward to acquire the brand. With a love and respect for the original Dream Pets, Paige was dedicated to ensuring that her Dream Pets would continue the whimsy and uniqueness of R. Dakin’s original designs and handmade feel. In 2018 Paige’s modern collection of Dream Pets was launched.


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