Simple Ways to Practice Self Care

self care

It is so important that we show compassion for other people, which is becoming more evident these days. But how often do we think to treat ourselves with the same level of kindness that we might show to someone else? One of the best things that we need to start to do, for a better mind and body, is to take some time out, and always remind ourselves that we are worth some love and time to ourselves.

For some people, implementing some elements of self-care into your day can seem a little inconvenient or even intimidating, as there are always so many other things to be doing. You might think that you don’t have time for things or feel like other things need to take a priority; sometimes, that really can be the case. But when you put the needs of others before your own, then it can be at your own detriment; you can’t pour from an empty cup as the saying goes.

There has been a lot of research into self-care and having it as part of your routine. The research has shown that is can reduce stress, reduce the chance of mental and physical illness, and can increase productivity, and make you feel happier. So is there any other reason that you need to do just that? Here are some simple ways that you can look after yourself better, and apply some more self-care into your life; self-care is not selfish.

Eat healthily and mindfully

How often are you sat to eat a meal, or possibly not even sat, and you’re trying to read something, send a text, or watch something on your phone? Thus multitasking can’t be good for us, and it stops us from having the simple pleasure of just sitting there enjoying a meal. If you had someone round, you would sit with them and eat. So why don’t we always do that when we are alone? A simple thing to do is to allow yourself to indulge in a meal without having any distractions.


Places like Instagram and Facebook can be fun and have some great benefits of staying in touch with family and friends. But it may not make you feel better when you are comparing your worst day to everyone’s perfected online versions of themselves. We all know that people are only going to shout about the positives, but it can be hard, and comparison is the thief of joy, as they say. So take some time when you don’t go online or on social media. Allow yourself a weekend free from it, for example, and see how you feel.

Treat Yourself

Treating yourself can mean different things to different people; what is important is that you do something about it. It could be something small like allowing yourself to have that last cookie after dinner. But it could be more elaborate, depending on you and your needs. For example, you could look up 5 great spa treatments and then make appointments to have all of them done. You could treat yourself to a new items of clothing, or a day out doing something you have always wanted to do. So however treats look to you, make sure that you do treat yourself from time to time.


Exercise is something that can go a long way to helping you to feel energised and happy. When you are active, you really can get increased feelings of happiness through the hormones that occur after exercise. If you are someone who doesn’t really like the gym, then it is important to remember that exercise doesn’t have to mean the gym. It can be any kind of physical activity, from dancing with your friends, enjoy a morning hike, or doing some yoga at home.

Gift your inner child

It can be fun to be a bit childish sometimes and remember the simple things that we enjoyed when we were younger. Being an adult can be tough sometimes, so going back to your childhood can be really enjoyable. What were some of your favorite things to do when you were younger? Was it something like making ‘perfume’ and potions using flowers? Or how about toasting marshmallows or making s’mores? When you treat your inner child to something, then it can help you to be happy and will give you all the feels as you step back in time a little, and remember positive and happy things. Keep it simple and it will make a difference.


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