Summer is Coming! Tips to Make Your Patio More Enjoyable

home ready for summer

Enjoying the outdoors is part of the fun of summer. Sometimes that’s a road trip or vacation, and sometimes it’s just venturing out to the backyard or patio. Is your patio a cluttered mess, or a place that’s inviting and cheerful? Here’s some ways to make your patio more enjoyable, and make a few forever summer memories.

Clear The Clutter

Especially over the winter months, many of us are guilty of putting “stuff” we don’t want to deal with out on the patio. It not only takes up room, it also makes your patio less enjoyable. So clear your clutter. Here’s some suggestions:

  • Lighten your load. Ask yourself if you really need those pots and pans you set out for camping, or that project that’s going to happen “some day.”
  • Be practical. How often do you have eight guests on the patio? Would just four chairs make it more spacious and work just fine?
  • Got one of those gargantuan barbeques that does everything but wash the dishes? Wait . . . doesn’t a little barbeque do the job you really want . . . cooking the food?

Create Some Shade

The summer sun is great. But when you’re in the mood to relax and cook those steaks and not yourself, you probably need some shade. If you’re lacking a cover over at least part of the patio, consider these options:

  • Add retractable awnings. That allows sunshine when you want it, and provides shade when that sunshine is just a little too intense.
  • Get some shade. Trees that provide shade can be either planted in the ground, or left in decorative planter boxes. Positioned to shield from the hot afternoon sun, they also provide a natural green aesthetic element to your patio.

Add Some Plants

In addition to those trees, consider some potted plants. If your space is smaller, succulents can provide an amazing and pleasant variety of colors and shapes. If you like growing your own food, consider herbs or small fruits/veggies that don’t take much space. Besides making the patio more inviting and beautiful, greenery helps in cooling the area.

Open that patio door, get a vision going of what you want your patio to look like, and get ready for some relaxing time in your own private outdoors!