The Perfect Houseplants for People With Busy Schedules


One challenge many plant lovers face is being able to balance their job with their gardening responsibilities. While some house plants are fairly simple to care for, others require daily attention in order to thrive. Without much experience, it can be difficult to tell which plants are suitable for your lifestyle. You also may not realize what you’re signing up for when you decide what career to pursue. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still keep some greenery in your home. If you’re someone who is frequently managing a busy schedule, keep reading to find out which houseplants are right for you.

What are some careers where you can expect to have a busy schedule?

Few industries place more demands on your time than working in health care, and no one is busier right now than travel nurses. Fortunately, Fusion travel nurse jobs are easier to find and apply for than the positions you’ll find on other websites. Additionally, Fusion gives you the ability to search for jobs offered by multiple staffing agencies, rather than having to search through multiple pages to find the same listings. The simplified process can give you more free time to use on your hobbies.

Corporate executives also tend to have longer work hours than the typical 40-hour week. Though the average salary for an executive in the United States is over $100k per year, there are trade-offs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics specifically says that you can expect an irregular schedule that requires work on nights and weekends, with travel being common for high-level executives. Pursuing a white-collar corporate job is a goal for many people, but it’s important that you understand what your responsibilities will entail.

If you want to become a lawyer, you’re definitely not alone, but you shouldn’t expect a traditional 9-to-5 schedule either. Lawyers work famously long hours, and most of them aren’t spent arguing in the courtroom. Though movies and television shows would have you believe otherwise, most of a lawyer’s time is spent doing research, client outreach, and legal writing. That may not leave you with as much time as you’d like for your personal life.

Which houseplants are best for busy people?

There are hundreds of different kinds of plants to consider, but succulents are widely considered to be the best bet for beginners. Cacti in particular are extremely low maintenance, and they come in a variety of interesting shapes, colors, and sizes. Aloe vera is another great option for anyone still developing their green thumb. You can even gift succulents to yourself or your friends by using a succulent gift delivery service. If you’re not home to care for your houseplants every day, or you aren’t sure if your home can handle a particular plant’s needs with regard to light, succulents are the perfect pick.

Believe it or not, there are actually material benefits to keeping plants in your home. In one study, participants were asked to either complete a computer-based task or repot a houseplant. After the task was completed, stress levels were measured through biological markers like heart rate and blood pressure. Indoor gardening was found to reduce stress response while working on the computer actually caused an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, even though participants were accustomed to computer work.

It isn’t always easy to incorporate your love of plants into your life when you have a demanding schedule. Fortunately, there are still a variety of plants that can still fit into even the busiest lives. Succulents are the right choice for anyone who doesn’t spend much time at home since they require less maintenance and care than other types of houseplants. Considering how beneficial houseplants can be for your overall health and wellness, you shouldn’t give up your plants just because your career is asking for a little more of your time. You may just need to adjust which plants you keep.