Time Can Be an Element of Your Design


Did you get a gift card or two and just cannot find something unique and lasting for yourself?

It can be very hard to find something both personal and useful at the same time.  This is especially so nowadays when most of us have a place of our own to call home, whether alone or with a friend or partner; which we have already spent time and money furnishing.  We accumulate the basics and then some luxury items too and before we know it; we find we have a cache of belongings and a sense of our own particular style has emerged.  So it can be very hard choosing something when you’re already established and have most of the necessities.  Well, why not consider getting a wall clock?

Wall Clocks Come In Many Designs

A wall clock is a wonderfully practical gift to yourself; it is both a handy way to keep a watchful eye on the time and it doubles as an attractive piece of wall art as well.  Or you may simply want to add a wall clock to one of your own rooms to freshen up the decor and add a touch of flair.  We did a little online searching and found some truly gorgeous wall clocks in more colours and styles than you can imagine.  Some of our favourites are available from Purely Wall Clocks.  The range here is huge and includes large and small, round and rectangular, traditional and contemporary designs.  No matter your particular taste, there is something to please even the fussiest of us.

Adding a wall clock to your decor provides a sense of character to any room.  It can also be the perfect item to team with other shapes and colours, objects and pictures and even plants, to really make a statement.  If you prefer a modern vibe, you may choose a simple design in a single colour and minimal detail; perhaps with plain hands, no numerals and a flat glass face.  Or if you like a more eclectic feel there are patterned clock faces with a variety of detailed numbers and outer boarders.  If you have a large room or a warehouse to decorate using larger wall clocks is a bold and economic way to make a dramatic impact and also to ensure you can tell the time at a distance.

Timely Decor Is Much More Than Just a Wall Clock

The choices are endless and we loved the funky range of bold geometric designs in black and white and multi-coloured faces!  Some of these are simply dazzling and will set the tone for other items you want to match it with.  Or, you may simply want to make the wall clock the feature – stand alone – no fuss and no frills!  There are some dramatic pendulum clocks, beautifully crafted in a sleek glass finish and stunning metal pendulum which are perfect for this!   There’s so many to choose from you’re sure to find one that fits perfectly!