Tip Thief – Turning Weddings into Corporate Events

When it comes to planning the ultimate corporate party, there are ideas to be shared and ideas to be stolen. What this means is that while some things are suited specifically to the event that you are hosting, you can also get away with incorporating tricks and tips from other occasions to blend in beautifully with the theme or the scene that you want to set for the day or evening.

Take weddings, for example. Of course we know that the traditional top table is not really to be used elsewhere – and in most instances would just look weird and out of character – but there are a myriad of other things that you would be able to transfer over without a second thought. The only thoughts that will come to mind from your guests are what fantastic ideas they are for the type of event that you are holding.

Wedding Favours

Favours at weddings are a big deal. Couple can spend thousands picking out quirky, edgy and original gifts, but why not keep it low-key and personal to your brand? It could be a keyring with your logo or motto etched onto it, a diary or organiser with key events in for your company going forward or even just a pen with your company details on (but keep in mind Wolf of Wall Street – it’s never just a pen).

It doesn’t have to be placed on a table if you’re not having a meal; leave them in decorated baskets or vases around the venue for your guests to help themselves to. Don’t worry if they take more than their fair share – it’ll spur others on to take one before they’re all gone, thus promoting your brand further. Remember that there are people out there that organise events professionally – it won’t hurt to take a peek at their previous work to see what standards you need to aim for if you haven’t done it before.

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Something to keep the mood light-hearted, and as a sure memento of the event and a reminder of who was there, are wedding photo booths. Except this time, they’re not specifically wedding photo booths – they can be a photo booth to suit your occasion. Many proprietors of the photo booths are supplying drops and backdrops which aren’t specifically wedding-related anyway, so make good use of it and get some good snaps of everybody having a great time. You can also use this as a promotional opportunity by getting company contact details or any other logos or pictures you would like printed onto the bottom of the photograph – most booth-owners are only too happy to oblige.


Keep the need for decoration that weddings require and you will do well. There are many places where you can get discounted decorations but you will always thrive by thinking like a thrifty bride and keeping an eye out for any bargains at any time which can be used again and again throughout the year. Less is more, and if organising your first event, you don’t want to overwhelm people with too much going on visually. Create a relaxed environment and remember that while it’s not ‘the’ big day, it is your big day – if planned effectively, all will run smoothly.



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