Tips to Prepare You for Your Big Job Interview

Job interviews are stressful events. Even if you feel well-prepared and suitable for the role, it’s hard not to feel the pressure leading up to the big day. Being in a good frame of mind can often impact on your chances of performing well in front of the panel. So, however nervous you are, make sure you have everything in order ahead of interview day.


Here are some greats tips to prepare you for your dream job interview, enjoy!


Do Your Research


The first building block you need to put in place when you’re preparing for your job interview is research. There’s no point following the rest of these tips if you don’t know the role you’re applying for inside out.


It’s not just the role you need to know either. You should make sure you fully understand what the company does and how the wider industry in which they operate works. This can take a lot of time, but it needs to be done.


Make Sure it’s the Right Fit


You need to have followed the previous tip before you follow this one. Once your research is complete, you need to make sure the role is the right one for you. When you’re searching for a new job, you often apply for a lot of jobs without really looking at what they entail in depth.


But there’s no point attending the interview if you don’t think you’d be able or willing to take on the role. It doesn’t happen often, but some people take jobs only to realise they made the wrong decision very quickly.


Look the Part


Most job interviews will require you to look smart and professional. So, dig out that suit, smarten up your hair and pluck your eyebrows! Whether at-home hair removal methods are permanent or temporary doesn’t matter. Just make sure you look good for the interview, even if it’s just for a few hours.


Your dress should be as smart as possible. Clean your shows and don’t turn up with your shirt untucked. That kind of thing can destroy the chance of a good first impression.


Find Out How the Interview Will Work


These days, there are all sorts of forms a job interview can take. And knowing how the interview will be conducted is important for getting your preparation right.


You could be asked to undertake a practical assessment to see if you’re capable of undertaking the role. Or you might be asked to make a presentation. Some employers even like to hold group interview with a lot of candidates at once.


Prepare Answers


The most common kind of interview though will consist of you sitting in front of a panel and answering the questions as they’re fired at you.


If you’re ill-prepared, this can be incredibly intimidating and can go horribly wrong. Make sure you prepare a set of likely questions you’ll be asked and then prepare your answers. Although it’s hard to know exactly what you’ll be asked, a lot of questions are repetitious. You can read the interview questions in books like [amazon template=product&asin=1440536791]


Try Not to Drop Any Clangers

It’s hard to mitigate against freak accidents, but keeping calm and trying not to say anything stupid could be the difference between a disaster and a success.

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