Top 5 Designer Handbag Trends in 2020

handbag trends via pixy

Never underestimate the power of a bag and its ability to elevate any style.

With the catwalks in New York, London, Milan and Paris finished, it is time to take note of the most important handbags now. Designer trends change constantly throughout the years. With so many changes, sometimes, it gets tricky when trying to decide a single one. Hopefully, there are resources to help you out through the process to choose the perfect one.  For example, at, you will find both new and preowned models.

Here are the top 5 handbag trends in 2020.


Beautiful, functional and adaptable to all generations, clutch bags are more fashionable than ever.

From XXL editions such as those of Maison Margiela or Givenchy, to more minimalist and risky ones like the Fendi monster bag – these bags will become your best ally of the season.

Use a clutch bag to add sharpness to your looks, or to complement the color scheme of your clothing.


With a summery look, this classic straw bag has been reinvented and is now one of the most trendy bags of the moment. These cult bags will be braided and handcrafted in natural fibers according to trendsetting brands like Fendi, Altuzarra and Miu Miu.

Not only will they keep you looking stylish, but they will also give you that casual look we associate with beaches and summer.


The baguette bag is considered a timeless icon in the fashion world. With a short handle and an elongated shape, it has become one of the it-bags of recent times.

Its creator is Silvia Venturini Fendi, and thanks to the functionality and good taste of the design, it has become one of the best everyday designer bags.

This Fendi classic handbag has become not only one of the go-to accessories for artists like Sarah Jessica Parker, but for millions of women throughout the world.

Fendi by the way, has managed to renew itself. This season, it has gone beyond its own themes and the styles of other brands, as demonstrated by its Flip bag, one of the most acclaimed this season.  You can shop Fendi at SSENSE.


As we can see in the Stella McCartney and Dolce & Gabanna collections, the summer bags with a natural and casual look have become a perfect ally for both day and night.

When we say natural, we mean style as well as materials. Go for organic materials like cotton, or woven designs. Don’t be afraid to express yourself either! Look out for bright, bold colors to match the feeling of the season.

Rectangular shapes

Geometry is still a relevant issue when it comes to talking about bags. For the coming months, it will be the rectangular shapes in box format that will take center stage. Like the siren’s song, impossible to resist.

With their sharp lines, these bags can bring a boldness to spring and summer nighttime styles. You can complement the style by looking for patent leather or chrome finishes.

These classic designer handbags also look great in contrast against block colors. Think classic red, black, or white dresses. The geometric design of the bag (if in a different color) will stand out against the fabric of your dress. It’s a win for your bag and a win for your dress.