No More Gurus – It’s Time To Follow Your Own Truth

follow your own truth

After my mother’s death when I was about to turn thirty, I set out on a path to “find myself” consuming every self-help book and empowerment course I could get my hands on, looking for “the answer.” What was going to fill the hole within me?

After trying every external source available over the span of fifteen years (yes, fifteen long years), I finally grew tired of chasing the answer. And it was only when I stopped seeking that I found the truth.

And from that moment, my mission became saving young women a boatload of time. So here it is, simply and completely…YOU are that which you are seeking. The creative force within you is everything you need for fulfillment. This is the wisdom of your heart. And to develop an intimate relationship with this force is the number one thing you can do to create the life of your dreams.

But here’s the rub, I know the truth but it doesn’t mean anyone’s going to listen. Experience is the only true teacher. No matter how much wisdom others can share, young women will inevitably make their own mistakes. That’s how it’s supposed to be. We learn our greatest lessons through pain.

But something’s happened in recent years causing a crisis. Crippling anxiety is at an all time high. Young people are avoiding life situations, unable to cope with “failure” so much so that they are shying away from vital life experiences. From avoiding team sports to the inability to hold a job out of fear of letting others down or making a mistake, our young people are cutting themselves off from life. Anxiety in its simplest definition is a lack of trust in Life.

Beliefs and Faith

Every generation that came before us was taught to put faith outside of themselves, to give allegiance to authorities in family, religion, and nation. That paradigm is dead. No longer can we look to others to save us. The new paradigm asks us to put our faith in a deeper authority.

This authority lives in the shadows of who you are. It lives on the other side of a barricade of hazard cones and Do Not Enter signs. You have been taught to stay clear of this source of light, of Life. You have been conditioned to fear it. But it is what you are running from and what you seek the most-the vastness of your potential. And it’s why you came here.

Conscious creation is the conduit to connect to your potential. We find our worth and our power in what we contribute to this world. We see our ideas come to life and believe in them. And in turn, we believe in ourselves, and our abilities. Our creations give us confidence. The more we do it, the stronger we become. Connecting to the internal light of creation banishes the darkness we feel forever.

How to do it

I have developed a process for connecting to this creative voice. It works but it takes time. Like any relationship it needs to be nurtured. You get what you give in anything in life.

intuition change your career

Get Quiet

The first step is to find a space in your home where you can return to frequently, dedicated to this connection. If it’s not possible to find this in your home, outside in nature works too. The strongest connection to the wisdom of your heart is through the wisdom of nature. If you are creating a special space in your home, fill it with things you love, that reflect who you are. Bring in fresh flowers when possible and keep the area clutter free. This area doesn’t have to be big. I use a comfy chair in the corner of my bedroom.

Make Time

We are all overscheduled. But somehow we find the time to scroll Instagram for hours. Anything important takes time. Commit to showing up in your sacred space.

This isn’t a meditation. This is a dialog between you and You. Meditation is important and you may use this space other times of the day to clear your mind. But the process we are talking about here is to fill your mind with the messages from your internal voice that come through the conduit of your heart.

Get Clear

Clarity is one of the hardest things to attain or so we think it is. What really happens is that we know in our heart what action we’re supposed to take but resist for various reasons. Our own desires are often clouded by others, by obligations, by fear. But being clear about what you want is vital as a first step. If you don’t have clarity, aimlessness ensues. Your internal compass knows where you will eventually end up. It often takes our mind a while to catch up.

When you sit, do a grounding exercise and set an intention to be open to receive the information from your internal voice. Have awareness that this part of you even exists. Acknowledging it opens the door. You may feel silly if this is new but after a while, you will come to rely on this process.

Ask Questions

If you are just starting and you say you have no idea what you want, ask questions!! In the silence of your room, ask your internal self “What would be truly amazing to manifest for myself right now?” or “How can I shift my behaviors to increase my happiness?” Ask any question to help you get to know You.

Now Listen

It may take a few times before you get the hang of it but not too long. If you put in the time, it will happen. What answers do you receive? We have been taught to only give credibility to what is tangible. The mystical side of life is often discredited but your potential doesn’t exist in what already is. It lives in the realm of yet to be. And it’s up to you to connect with your yet to be, and work to make it a reality on this side of the equation.

follow your own truth

Write it Down

Journaling is wonderful for taking action in a small way. You are listening to the voice within and giving it credit enough to write it down. It’s also helpful to refer back to your notes later.

Take inspired action on the messages you receive-what small starter step can you do to act? Note no information you receive would ever cause harm to yourself or another. Be diligent about your self-talk. Self-criticism has been put upon us by our culture and is not appropriate in your sacred space. Only self-acceptance, love and forgiveness belong here.

There are no wrong paths to take. You must pick one and start. Any “mistake” is part of the process and required to connect with your potential. Knowing this makes it easier to start.

When you take inspired action, the universe opens doors for you. It sees you are trusting in the mystery of your own life and it rewards you with more messages, more support, more inspiration. You may meet new people, or be invited to new opportunities, and you are able to see a new life for yourself. You discover AWARENESS of the beautiful orchestra playing on your behalf. And you start to see and believe in how the pieces of your puzzle come together so perfectly.

No one will ever reach their full potential. It’s designed that way. There is always more yearning, always more to become. But that’s the fun part. When you co-create with the voice from within, life is an adventure and you become truly limitless.

This guest post was authored by Stacey L. Tucker 

Stacey L. Tucker uses the fantasy fiction genre to bridge science and spirituality in her Equal Night series. Tucker’s first book in the trilogy, Ocean’s Fire, took gold at the Living Now Book Awards. She is passionate about helping women and teens see their untapped potential and follow the voice within. She has written for Women’s World, Working Mother, and PopSugar, and speaks to teen groups about self-empowerment and awareness in today’s social media–saturated climate. You can find her at She currently resides in Connecticut.

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