Twitter Users Share The Most Inspirational Women Shaping Business

Today, we are seeing more women-owned businesses and more female investors than ever before, with 114% more women entrepreneurs than there were 20 years ago. 

Women-owned businesses in the US are generating $1.8 trillion a year, and over the last few days, multiple Twitter users took to the platform to share their favorite female business founders and the businesses they run.

Being recognized as one of the most inspirational business co-founders was Shanaz Hemmati, Founder and Chief Operating Officer at ZenBusiness. She has pulled together nine inspirational women Twitter users are talking about and admiring at the moment. Mikee Villareal, Keisha Lao, Andie Cruz

MadEats, one of the hottest cloud kitchen startups in South East Asia, is an online restaurant group that creates brands specifically engineered for delivery. 

The company was impressively set up amid the COVID-19 crisis by an all-female founding team of Villareal (CEO), Andie Cruz (CMO), and Keisha Lao (CPO), who have been working in the F&B industry throughout their career.


Internet first on-demand delivery-only restaurant. It’s an on-demand online restaurant group for delivery only food products. The platform offers fried chicken bundles, meals, cheese balls, steamed rice, and more.

One of their most popular products when first opening their SMB was the ‘little hot Yang Gang’, which sold over 200 burgers in just a couple of days after launch. Now the women’s business is serving food to hundred of customers across SEA.

LOCI- Samantha Mathews

An athlete as well as a female entrepreneur, Samantha Matthews introduced LOCI back in October 2018, a location-based safety training course creator that generates gamified content based on your environment. 

Image: @samloci

She created a powerful game engine that builds custom learning experiences that empower people with stronger recall in times of emergency.

Her motivation behind this was to create a future where everyone understands and enjoys their surroundings intuitively.

Samantha says, “I knew I could make a better evacuation map. One that anyone could learn in under a minute and remember, even in a state of panic. And that’s what I did.”

House of Wise- Amanda Goetz

A single mom, Amanda Goetz, launched House of Wise on December 1st, 2020, a luxury CBD brand for women. The online shop offers CBD drops and gummies that target three common struggles for women: sex, sleep and stress. 

Now, she has built herself an established media profile and continues to empower women.

Operating a brand-first strategy strongly through twitter, she believes you can have the best product, but if you’re targeting the wrong end consumer or you’re targeting them with the wrong value proposition or the wrong sentiment, it’s not going to land.

She hasn’t spent a single dollar in performance marketing yet, because she cares so much about the women that are part of this journey. 

Elpha- Cadran Cowansage, Abadesi Osunsade, Kuan Luo

Co-founded by Cadran Cowansage, Abadesi Osunsade and Kuan Luo, Elpha is designed as a professional network for women offering content and access to a directory to make it easier for women in the technology industry to connect

Originally founded in 2019, the three women have collectively built a community of 35K+ women in engineering, product, sales, design, venture, marketing and more

Image: Elpha

As a worldwide network, Elpha is rolling out and expanding its horizons, as the team also plans to tackle the challenges of building a culture and getting the word out. They aim to keep authentic and make sure their members feel comfortable as we continue to expand- something they say will be an ongoing challenge.

Source- Nicole Schmidt

One of the most inspirational female leaders in tech, Nicole Schmid lives her day-to-day life with a couple of toddlers, a puppy alongside her commercial design hub startup, Source.

She originally launched Source in 2018 by teaching herself to code in her basement. Fewer than two years later, she grew the team to 15 people, raised two rounds of venture capital, led her team through a rebrand and complete rebuild of their technical infrastructure, and brought Source to a national audience.

After rebranding from Krowdsourced, the company has been expanding its customers since its first launch. Last year, the business raised $2.5 million to help expand its platform for commercial design nationwide, aiming for the fresh cash to allow Source to expand across the country, open new physical locations and expand the reach of its digital platform.

This guest post was authored by ZenBusiness

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