Veterans Make Top Employees with One-of-a Kind Skill Sets

There are many ways in which your company can benefit from employing veterans. There are also many non-profit organizations that focus on getting veterans started in high-quality careers. You can look at Bobby Kotick’s Crunchbase page and other social media pages to learn about the benefits of hiring veterans.

Why Hire Veterans?

Military veterans bring unequaled dedication, expertise and maturity to any workforce, and this enthusiasm and motivation will most likely have a positive impact on all employees. Some of the top reasons to employee veterans are:

• Leadership is considered the number one reason to hire veterans. At a very young age, most military personnel learn to be in charge of other people. This means they are technical experts in their professional field and teach to younger service-members. They have led teams in a variety of fields from shop to combat.

Understanding responsibility is important in any field whether you’re flipping burgers or fighting the enemy. Veterans have a proven track record of trustworthiness that is a huge asset for any organization. These qualities will extend to every aspect of the job. Veterans know what it means to get a job done. They have been trained to complete tasks and not find excuses not to.

• Decision making is a skill that the military teaches. Soldiers are trained to react to save lives and succeed in their mission no matter what obstacles and challenges they face. They are trained to use intuition when sorting through information and data and seeing options and choosing a plan of action. This is often not seen in the corporate level, and employees are labeled with analysis paralysis because they don’t know the optimum course of action.

• Honesty is a quality much valued in employees, but many are afraid to tell their superiors something they don’t want to hear. Veterans have been trained to give honest answers because lives may depend on it. Corporate leadership should value employees who tell their superiors that something is wrong and not allow it to damage the employee’s position or relationship with superiors.

• Respect for procedure and accountability is the backbone of most veterans, and they understand that when a job needs to be done is not the time to complain or refuse to work overtime. They are motivated from the inside out because they generally have personal integrity and understand their place within the corporate framework.

• Corporate leaders need to give veterans a great deal of structure in the beginning and all the support necessary to succeed at their job. They need training and guidance in the civilian world, but if they have this, they will never fail.

• Veterans have been educated by the government. Military Occupational Specialty schools offer world-class educational training. If a vet has not yet used his or her GI Bill, the employer can encourage the vet to get their education and work at the same time. Payment for the college education is not part of the corporate expense.

• Many veterans have knowledge of the latest technology that is used by the military. Often, the military is the first place new technology is applied, and many veterans have this advantage.

The military creates people who are able to overcome adversity. Today, they need jobs, and with the right support and understanding, they will become model employees and may exceed your expectations.

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