Women Entrepreneurs Who Made Their Own Rules

For centuries, women were considered homemakers. Now, they are taking over the business world. While there are still many challenges to face, women all over the world are proving that not only can they jump over hurdles, they can demolish them and rewrite the game.

According to Forbes, some of the main challenges that women face include not getting taken seriously, not giving themselves enough credit, overextending themselves, and fearing failure. Women even face bias when trying to get the funds to start their businesses and sometimes need to seek loans specifically designed for female entrepreneurs.

Of course, that is not stopping them from getting out there and dominating. Here are a few ways women are breaking industry molds and starting businesses their own way:

Women for Taking a Stand

Inequality in business is certainly not the only difficulty women face in our society. Sexual assault is, unfortunately, also widespread. In combination with other factors, such as racial discrimination, female safety is hardly a guarantee .  That’s especially true after the presidential election of 2016, when many citizens across the United States felt a direct impact on their safety.

In reaction to that, many Americans wore safety pins to show support and solidarity to anyone who felt unsafe in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidency. However, Leslie Mac and Marissa Jenae Johnson were not satisfied with a mere exhibition of support. In their pursuit of action, they came up with Safety Pin Box, a company that commits its clients to create change and donates part of the profit to Black Women Being.

Turning a passion into a business is an example of how women are taking a stand. They are no longer accepting second-rate status nor are they waiting for change to happen around them. Mac and Johnson represent females everywhere who are willing and committed to making a change for themselves.

Women for Taking Charge

While education is the best tool available for anyone to get ahead, it can come at a crushing cost. Student loans are plaguing the country, rendering young graduates overburdened with debt. Mainstream options for repaying student loans, such as income-driven plans, refinancing, and consolidation, are not enough for many borrowers who trying to pay off their debts.

This is causing many students to take creative measures to help them succeed — especially women, who typically graduate with more student loans than men. Kristen Seaton graduated with $67,000 in debt, in another article by Forbes. To pay off the debt, Seaton worked three jobs: teaching swimming classes, coaching for 12 more hours a week, and babysitting on the weekends.

By keeping her expenses low, Seaton was able to pay off her debt in less than two years and save $20,000. With the money, she started her own aquatic sports and fitness business. Seaton is one example of many women finding ways to get rid of their debt and take control of their lives.

Women for Changing Industries

More and more women are breaking through into STEM careers. What are for now male-dominated industries are being slowly converted into gender-neutralized fields with the help of women like Phebe Novakovic. She runs the company General Dynamics, which specializes in aerospace and defense industry products as the CEO. Novakovic was even recognized by Villanova University as a prime example of a successful CEO.

Women Entrepreneurs: Are You The Next Success Story?

For progress to take place, it’s crucial for women to change the way industries work. Currently, they favor men. Soon, that will be a thing of the past. For the ripple effect of change to reach further and further everyday, women must disrupt industries. In order to do so, Ms. Career Girl urges women to practice being upfront, ask for what they want, and live without limits.

The battle for equality in business is far from over.  But with the help of hardworking, driven women, the business world will be forever changed. With each woman and each business making strides for positive change, gender bias will eventually exist only in history books

This guest post was authored by Brooke Faulkner




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