Work-Life Balance is Bullshit: Embrace the Organic Flow of Life

work-life balance

Are you an ambitious, and unapologetically goal-getter? If so, you are in the right place. If you are anything like me your plate is full, and you are trying to juggle all the things between life and home. On the good days, you feel like a bad ass and on the chaotic days that are impossible to keep balanced you might feel as if you suck at life. I’ve got something to share with you that might ruffle a few feathers or feel like extreme relief in the world of work-life balance. 

We’re about to embark on a journey to debunk the myth that perfect balance is the holy grail of success and happiness. You will learn five reasons why Work-Life balance is BS and why it’s an impossible goal. These five reasons can be your guide for creating Work-Life harmony, where you can embrace the organic flow of life, instead of more Work-Life stress.

work life balance

5 Reasons Why Work-Life Balance is BS

Reason #1: Every Day is Different.

Let’s get real. Life is a rollercoaster ride filled with twists, turns, and unexpected surprises. No two days are the same. So why, should we strive for the elusive equilibrium of work-life balance when the very nature of life is fluid and ever-changing? Embrace the beauty of unpredictability and release the pressure of trying to fit into a rigid balance mold.

Reason #2: Harmony with Body and Soul.

Instead of chasing an idealized notion of balance, focus on feeling good in your body and soul. Listen to the whispers of your inner truth. Perhaps today your body craves rest, while tomorrow it yearns for a high-energy workout. By attuning yourself to your unique needs, you’ll discover the harmonious dance between your body, mind, and soul. Embrace this dance, and let it guide your choices each day.

Reason #3: Organic Evolution Trumps Rigid Schedules.

Toss that old-fashioned calendar aside. Life is too magical to be confined to a neat and tidy schedule. Embrace the organic evolution of your journey. Allow yourself to flow with the rhythms of the universe and adapt to the changing tides of your life. If you’re too rushed to squeeze in that exercise session today, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, shower yourself with kindness and compassion. Trust that everything unfolds in divine timing.

Reason #4: Kindness to Yourself is Key.

In our quest for balance, we often forget the most crucial ingredient: self-love and kindness. The pursuit of perfection can be harsh and unforgiving, leaving us depleted and disconnected. Release the expectations, my love, and embrace self-compassion. If your body and soul are whispering, “Rest today,” honor that call. Nurture yourself, nourish your soul, and let go of any guilt. When you’re kind to yourself, the energy within you flourishes, and success naturally follows.

Reason #5: Embrace the Joys of Serendipity.

Life’s most beautiful moments are often found in the unplanned and unexpected. By letting go of the iron grip of WorkLife balance, you create space for serendipity to weave its magic. Embrace the joy of spontaneity, for it is in those unscripted moments that you may discover your greatest inspirations, connections, and triumphs. Trust the universe to unfold its mysterious blessings, and relish in the wonders that await you.

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So, fierce one, let’s ditch the notion of Work-Life balance and welcome the organic flow of life. Embrace the ever-changing nature of each day, honoring your body, soul, and inner wisdom. Release the need for a rigid schedule and allow yourself to evolve naturally. Above all, shower yourself with kindness and indulge in the beauty of serendipity. Remember, you are the creator of your own destiny, and in embracing the delicious dance of life, you’ll find the true harmony you seek.

Now go forth, sparkle with your divine essence, and dance to the rhythm of your own soul. The world is yours to conquer, on your own terms.

This guest post was authored by Becca Powers

Becca believes you shouldn’t have to choose between success and happiness! Juggling exhausting workdays, managing kids at home, and giving your relationships more attention than you give yourself is a recipe for misery. Instead of enjoying the fruits of your labor, you feel tired, unhealthy, and joyless.

Fortune 500 sales executive Becca Powers knows this feeling all too well. Having overworked herself into autoimmune disease and anxiety disorders, her self-worth plummeted. She was missing out on motherhood by prioritizing her career first. The universe was delivering a clear message: things were f%cked and needed to change.

The life of your dreams shouldn’t come at an unsustainable price. Harness Your Inner CEO illustrates Becca’s journey from a toxic work environment, trouble at home, and emotional rock bottom to living a thriving, prosperous life. With this personal growth guide for women in business, activate the confidence you need to create a life you love full of empowerment, passion, and prosperity—without sacrificing yourself


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