5 Tips If You Are A Serious Job Seeker

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The following is a guest post by Cornelia Shipley. Her bio follows.

If you are looking to expand your impact as a leader and reach a new level of professional success, resolve to incorporate the following into your job search.

Upgrade your mindset.

You will only attain the level of success you think you are worth.  Have unshakable confidence in your abilities, and practice self-care through the job search process.  You will be told no during the process.  Don’t get caught up in this negativity; move on from disappointment quickly, so that when the right opportunity does come along, you are ready to rise to the occasion.

Clarify the job you want.

It is easy to be drawn to a leadership position because of an attractive job title or perceived prestige.  Be honest with yourself about the work and impact you want to have on a daily basis.  If a job listing does not seem like it can deliver on your desire, move on.  No matter how great the title would look on your resume.  Once you are clear on the type of work you want to be doing, be able to give specific examples of what you can deliver in this area to prospective employers.

Commit to strategic networking.

Once you’ve figured out what you want to do, put yourself in the places and spaces that will help you interact with those who can move you into the position quickly.  Industry-specific events are a great starting point. Don’t discount the power of a strong and dynamic LinkedIn profile in making and maintaining fruitful connections.  People hire people they know, like, and trust.  Put yourself in situations where those with the power to hire you can increase their level of knowledge and trust in you and your ability.

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Make sure your social media is appropriate.

Take a look at your online profiles and make sure that your digital footprint is consistent with your professional brand. On LinkedIn, get as many endorsements as possible for the skills necessary for your career success.  On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, work toward a balance of sharing your personality while maintaining a level of professional decorum.  Find ways to reflect who you are without seeming controversial or unpredictable.

Be consistent.

Looking for a job is, in itself, a full-time job.  Wake up every morning treating your job search as your full time job if you are unemployed.  Craft a plan that helps you consistently apply these principles of success.  Know how you are going to leverage your resources.  Leverage your personal network to connect with hiring managers and other influencers.  Most important, once you have identified your goals, be tenacious in your zeal to achieve them.


Cornelia Shipley is a best selling author, thriving entrepreneur, dynamic speaker and executive coach.  She  is known for empowering people to achieve their peak performance, strategically plan for the future, and ultimately create a life and work that REALLY work!

Committed to transforming the world one leader at a time, Cornelia created the Leadership Ascension™️ suite of programs designed to up your impact, influence and income while achieving your next big thing!

Cornelia is a sought after leadership development expert.  Her strategies and methods have been showcased on FOX 5 News, Radio One, INC.com, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Healing Heart Journal, and workingwomen.com among others.

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