8 Fields to Pursue For a Career Post-Coronavirus 


If you lost your job during the pandemic, you might consider switching fields. The workforce has changed, and continuing to cover your bills requires flexibility. It’s a challenging transition, but you’re up to the task.

If you do want to seize this opportunity to switch gears, what careers remain in high demand? The following eight fields seek qualified candidates during COVID-19, and needs will continue to grow. Investigate what you need to do to break into one of these growing industries with companies hiring right now and use this time of change to elevate your career to new heights:

Health Care

If the recent pandemic inspired you to want to help others, why not put your altruistic nature to good use in the health care industry? If you assume this career will always remain in demand, you’re wise — people will always get sick. Indeed, workers in this field now comprise 11.5% of the total workforce, up from 10.8% in May.

While the industry is highly specialized, aim to keep your options open. During the shutdown, many hospitals postponed elective surgeries due to precautionary measures. If you invest money in schooling, consider a versatile degree like nursing that enables you to find work nearly anytime.


Pandemic or no, people still need to ensure their homes and cars remain protected from casualty and theft. The industry anticipates a 10% growth spurt through 2026, making it one of the best fields for careers during COVID and beyond.

As an insurance agent, you often work as an independent contractor. While such positions lack the security of W2 employment, you exercise substantial control over your schedule. If you are a working parent who now wears a home-school teacher hat, too, this field may work for you.

radiologic technology

doctor holding patients history record


Do you adore working with machines more than people? Working from home means more people than ever need qualified technical assistance, and those jobs don’t always involve answering the phone to help irate customers.

If you hesitate to take out student loans in today’s economy, you have savvy financial planning skills. Fortunately, you can find numerous low-cost technology certifications online in everything from app development to Linux programming. You can also get your foot in the door as a customer support executive with a company like Apple and inquire about on-the-job training opportunities.


Unless the pandemic causes the world to rethink its economic structure completely, people will always need assistance filing their taxes and managing their money. Therefore, accountants will remain in demand for the coming decades if you have the wherewithal to do the schooling and take the grueling exam.

However, you don’t necessarily need to pursue an additional degree. You can get certified online as a Quickbooks ProAdvisor and take over bookkeeping tasks for small business owners. If you enjoy helping people with taxes, you can become a licensed enrolled agent and go a step further by obtaining your license to practice in front of the U.S. Tax Court.


If you had to moonlight as a home-school teacher this past spring, perhaps you discovered a passion for educating youth. Why not look into the educational field?

If you have a bachelor’s degree and live in a state with an emergency certification pathway, you might not need to pursue too much education beyond what you currently have. You will need to meet continuing education requirements, but most employers help with that endeavor.


Maybe you enjoy helping others, but the idea of dealing with germs gives you pause. It doesn’t matter if you have reservations due to underlying medical conditions or legitimate concerns about the virus. You can train to become a therapist, and with expanded telehealth rules, you can deliver counseling services from home. With the increase in mental health symptoms due to the pandemic, you can bet this job will remain in high demand for the next 10 years and onward.

persuasive communicator

Delivery Driver

Not everyone enjoys working full time indoors. If you need fresh air and sunshine and don’t mind working your muscles, consider a career as a delivery driver.

You can accept W2 work or sign on for a company like Postmates as an independent contractor. If you need the security of a set schedule and benefits, opt for the former, although the latter works best for those who need flexibility in their work hours.

Customer Fulfillment Specialist

Finally, work-from-home customer support roles remain in demand during COVID-19, and you can double-down for additional income security. Companies like Apple and Microsoft hire employees on a fixed-schedule basis. Other organizations such as LiveOps connect independent contractors with various inbound or outbound roles based on client demand.

Consider These Jobs That Remain in High Demand Post-Coronavirus

The eight careers above will all remain in demand over the next 10 years, and you can find companies hiring right now. If you are considering your options, evaluate your interest, abilities and resources, and take your work life to the next level.

 This guest post was authored by Alyssa Abel

Alyssa Abel is a college and career writer who offers advice on strategies to success. Read more of her work on her blog, Syllabusy.

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