Come to Soho’s Naked Biz Growth Seminar

If you are a social media, marketing, advertising or PR person who wants to learn more about social media and its role in business, I highly recommend you attend sohobiztube‘s “Naked Biz Growth” all day seminar on Tuesday May 12 in Milwaukee, WI from 8am-4pm.

First, you should come because I will be there.  (If you are in the Chicago area, I’d love to even drive you there because I will be bored out of my mind driving alone.  Even Twittering on my Blackberry will get old.)

Second, somehow it is only $55. 

Third, Brian Kalma-User Experience and Web Strategiest for– is the lunch keynote speaker!  How awesome is that?!

Fourth, if you’ve been out of college for a while, you could probably use to spice up your life.  You can also benefit from meeting experts in the field, and learning something out of the ordinary which you can bring back to your company and impress someone with. 

For more information and to RSVP, click here.

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