Finding Your Dream Job In Today’s Job Market

It’s a hard-enough task figuring out what you want to do in life. Once you’ve done that soul searching, there’s a lot that goes into pursuing the career path you’ve chosen. Not least the (seemingly endless) hunt for the perfect job that offers the right opportunities for personal and professional growth.

A ‘dream job’ comes in many shapes and sizes.  For some, it’s being the CEO of a company they’ve founded and fostered. For others, it’s finding the flexibility and freedom that comes with a great work-life balance. Some of us thrive in being an integral cog in a massive machine made of workers while the rest of us love being our own boss and setting hours and tasks to suit only us.

But, how can we make that happen? We asked Tom Froggatt, Director of Singular Talent, an agency focused on hiring top talent, to provide some tips on how to find and secure your dream job in today’s job market.

Act confident

Speaking as part of the Hiscox Formula for Business Success campaign looking at the traits needed to become a successful CEO, Froggatt explains that “successful people are, almost uniformly, confident. That doesn’t mean they never have doubts.  But that they back themselves to deal with challenges that arise and to find solutions.”

That’s why our first tip is to “act” confident – even if you don’t feel confident. Particularly when you’re starting out, genuine confidence might be hard to come by. So, instead, we fake it. And, as Amy Cuddy explains in her TedTalk, when we consciously alter our body language to make us appear more confident than we really are, we can actually make ourselves more confident. Just before you go in for that job interview, remind yourself to broaden your shoulders, stand up straight and exude success.

Communicate clearly

Whether you’re the boss, a worker or a hopeful candidate, the work environment is all about people and communication. It goes without saying that every job involves one or more of talking to your colleagues, communicating with customers, clients and stakeholders to keep them happy and being forthcoming about your own skills and expertise.

At job interview stage – including how you build your CV – good communication skills are essential. Being able to communicate clearly means you’ll be able to explain your school and career history in your CV and interview, easily build a rapport with the person interviewing you, integrate more quickly into the workplace once you’re hired and showcase your skills and expertise to your colleagues so you can start to make yourself indispensable.

Never stop learning

Froggatt says while “there are some positions that have qualifications as a pre-requisite, most don’t. You can get to a certain point in your career by applying and developing what you learned at school and university.  But after that you have to continue working on yourself to progress.

“What’s essential to business success,” continues Froggatt, “is an ongoing commitment to personal development.” So, as you look to secure your dream job, put yourself above all candidates by making sure you can demonstrate that hunger to learn.

Whether you’re taking classes to develop your skills, attending seminars and workshops or reading (or, even better, contributing to) industry blogs, figure out what you can’t learn in a traditional classroom or workplace setting and find a way to get that knowledge. Outline these efforts in your CV and you’re sure to stand out from the competition.

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 Dreams Jobs Still Exist in Today’s Job Market

Whatever you’re looking for in your dream career, the journey to finding and securing the perfect job can be both difficult and overwhelming. Hopefully, with the tips above, you can restart your search with renewed vigour and confidence. Keep up the tips above throughout your career and not just at job interview phase.  You could find yourself climbing the career ladder faster than you’d thought.

About Tom Froggatt

Tom Froggatt is an executive recruiter, talent advisor and consultant to a vast range of Pharma Biotech companies.  He’s also the founder of Singular Talent. His track record of successful hiring spans the UK, Europe, the US and Africa.  His advice has been employed by organisations from brand-new startups to FTSE 100 corporations.





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