From Barefoot to Stilettos: FINDING MY YES

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Being an entrepreneur, or as I like to consider myself—a serial entrepreneur, one that has  tons of ideas—I have to be a dreamer. I’m a dreamer who starts up a company and goes  sailing with it. And then I have another dream. And then, another and another. The key is  staying focused and that means not listening to the naysayers who tell you that you can’t  or create the drama majority like to create when you try to follow your dreams.  

Being an entrepreneur comes equipped with the ‘Naysayer Package’. They do not teach  you about this in school—well, at least not that I can remember. There are no instructions  about this part of the system, so to speak, when you’re trying to build a business. You  have bullies in school during childhood, and from my experience, it is the same in  business too. It’s not easy, let me tell ya…  

No one really tells you that when you first start a business that you actually make less  money or no money at all. No one tells you that basically anything and everything you try  to do you will have people coming from out of nowhere—even some people you don’t  even know—throwing punches at you, talking behind your back, and ripping your ideas  apart. And no one told me there would be people trying to steal my ideas and take off with  them, along with my contacts too. The hardest thing is when it happens with the ones  who say they love you. You think they will all support your ideas, well, think again. It  seemed from the moment I came out with my company, the daggers started flying at my  back—and sometimes even, cold-heartedly at my face.  

There were women who loved to tear me down at any chance they got, about anything— from criticizing the way I looked, to spreading rumors and lies about affairs I was  supposedly having, to saying that I was crazy, etcetera. They would tell their successful  husbands not to do business with me, even though most of them never even knew me and  none of them had ever done business with me in the first place to know the first thing  about how I operated.

With everything I have gone through to get this company off the  ground, I have been in tears at times and spent many sleepless nights wondering what in  the world was I thinking. I faced constant No’s and was afraid at times that I would fall  flat on my face. It’s enough to make someone pack up and leaving for another country  somewhere to hide under a rock. Still, I was determined.

Female Firebrands

Every time I heard something  negative, it became fuel to my fire—my passion to succeed. Clearly, these naysayers do  not know what they are talking about and the majority of the attacks all comes from their  fears , envy, jealousy and insecurities. Actually, once we all heal our inner child, we are set free to follow our dreams and focus without any worry about naysayers. All the  negativity and engird you spend worrying about them takes away from your life and you  can just keep moving forward , we are not here to carry everyones trauma but we can be  kind to others and ourselves and rise up over the naysayers and be the example for  change.  

I say this with sadness, but unfortunately, it is the truth: there is a lack of inspiring  people, mostly because so many are living with fear and seem to tear each other down  and talk behind each other’s backs—not to mention , some have thrown really big stones  at others. The people who inspire and motivate me are mostly those from history. One  woman in particular whose strength resonates with me is Rosa Parks. I love that she  refused to move from her seat on that bus and move to the back simply because someone  had the ignorance to say she couldn’t sit there because of the way she looked and because  of what others thought shouldn’t be.

Many women have taken a stand to do what they feel  was right and were fearless, and that is how they made history. Some even wore stilettos  in the process! I’ve been inspired by many stories and by many people, and in this day, I  have found the courage to say, “Move it! I don’t care what you say. Deal with the way I  look, with who I am, with what I am, because I like me!”  

When I first completed the manuscript of my book, I was about to reveal every scar I had ever received in the words on those pages, but I remember being  encouraged by my parents and those counselors when they told me, “You might  just help someone else.” I had a burning desire to have a voice for once and to  let the truth come out—and yes, a small part of me maybe wanted to punch back.  I had so many emotions, so much I needed to release!

I had words of  encouragement of my mentor, Richard Sandor, dancing in my head along with  the voice that everyone knows—the voice of Morgan Freeman—reminding me  that the T-shaped scar on my leg stands for Tough. Well, hell, that was all I  needed. I took the leap off that cliff, fear and all. And—I did it! I landed on my stilettos  and took off running! 

I also had people who hadn’t even read my book yet who were asking me, “Who the heck  are you? What makes you think anyone would read about you? You must think you’re  something special.” My family kept encouraging me to move forward. We must remind  ourselves, people can sometimes be jealous or have differing opinions, or maybe they just don’t want to see anyone succeed. Most people may not understand you. so I just  straightened out my imaginary cape, and I continue to go on my way to finding my Yes! 

I stumbled at first, sure. I even had to be reminded at some point by one of my financial  advisors to focus and take on writing my book in order to accomplish what I wanted to in  the bigger picture overall. And I can say for sure, I think we can all agree, it’s not easy in this  world!  


Fear has no place here—I stomp right over it in my stilettos, demanding my YES with  each step, and now I have a second book to show for it, so how about them apples? Have  no fear—just go do it! 

This whole journey of life—especially starting my company—has been one heck of a  ride. From being inspired to feeling horrible, then back to being passionate and on fire  again, from moving and forward feeling great to getting hit again and feeling like it’s  never going to work, then to getting back up and starting all over—some days I feel like  Rocky Balboa, getting hit and knocked down repeatedly. I felt the pain of each hit from  those naysayers, and at times, I truly thought I was out for the count. What I finally  realized was that it was as simple as this: no matter what you do, who you are, or what  you say, someone out there will be offended by you, intimidated by you, or envious of  you—or maybe all of these things.

But it’s not really because of you at all—it’s because  their own unhappiness within themselves, and oftentimes, they take it out on others.  People like this are insecure of the status of their own lives—some feel some sense of  entitlement, or some feel as though they are better than you are, but remember, that is just  their perception and their ego.  

Everyone in this world has a unique journey, a unique form of healing, and a unique form  of self-expression. I would rather take a risk and jump off the cliff at this point in my life  anyway. Even when I’m out of my comfort zone and beyond anything I thought I had in  me, I go for it. I know that if I can find a YES, then anyone do it. My dad always told me,  “Kid, what works for me, may not work for you. It’s not all about love. It’s about what  you can handle.” In my mother’s words, “There are two roads you can take: you can play  the victim, or you can do something about it.”

Well, I choose to do something about it. I  am human, and I do sometimes hear my ego trying to tell me what I can’t do, along with  the echoes of those naysayers, but then I simply turn the channel and focus on the fuel that sets my fire ablaze so I can move forward on my mission. I can and will go find my  YES! You can too!

This guest post was authored by Marie Pizano

Marie is the CEO/Founder of MVP3 Entertainment Group. She is the co-Founder of  MVP3 Studios. She a mother of two, film producer, radio and TV Host and owns a music  publishing and talent agency. Marie authored the memoir, “From Barefoot to Stilettos, It’s Not for Sissies and the sequel, “Finding My Yes”. Marie is a public speaker. For more  information about Marie visit

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