How Choosing the Right Colors Can Help You Thrive

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When I first started running my company; The Film Festival Doctor, I was working extremely long hours, which consisted of 16-hour days, seven days a week and surviving on five hours of sleep each night. Inevitably I was burnt out, but I still ploughed through because I presumed that there was no other option.  

However, that all changed when I met Marie Diamond, Feng Shui master and contributor to the very popular self-help book The Secret (written by Rhonda Byrne). Marie helpfully pointed out that the colors I was wearing were contributing towards my constant state of stress, fatigue and exhaustion and as such, were subsequently blocking me from attracting more clients, sales and success. She told me that I needed to change the energy within myself and that this was possible and could be achieved using what she called her ‘Quantum Colors’ technique.    

I explained to Marie that I was feeling depressed and anxious because I was not being able to close deals with the types of clients I wanted to work with. Marie identified that because I was feeling so burnt out, I was thinking far too small and engaging with too many limiting beliefs. She also said that what was also contributing to my feelings of exhaustion were the dull, low energy colors I was wearing. 

The Effect of Colors

She pointed out that I wore lots of black, grey and dark purple, and that these colors weren’t the right ones if my goal was to attract clients, but also feel abundant, energetic and happy from within. During my consultation with Marie, she used her ‘Quantum Colors’ technique to help change the energy of my mental health so I could think bigger, feel better in myself, and attract the right type of clientele. 

Marie explained to me that everything in the universe is alive with energy and can significantly improve one’s mental health. She teaches you how to use specific colors to more easily manifest greater success, health, relationships, and wisdom in your life. When we met, I was wearing a black dress with a white cardigan. Marie said that I needed to wear more saffron yellow, gold, rose and pink. And let me tell you, at first, I was not convinced. I really didn’t think those colors would suit me. However, when she told me why and explained the power that came from wearing the right colors, it made sense for me to trust her advice and invest in some new clothing. 

Marie explained that wearing saffron yellow for example, would help to activate compassion when I wanted to show trust, patience and kindness towards my clients. It would also help me be more open to listen to advice (an important facet for any business leader), create a gentler ease of love and support, but also to feel more compassion for myself. Gold, she told me, would help to activate abundance when I wanted to increase financial growth and achieve greater results from work and investments, but also for myself and my clients. The color rose would help to activate love when I wanted to be more open and outgoing, receive support, or establish or improve significant relationships with business associates or colleagues. Pink would activate tenderness when I chose to be gentle or when I wanted to receive loving attention; it would also stimulate my senses and help me to express both appreciation and sweetness. 

Noticeable Results

This might sound a bit bonkers, and I’ll be the first to admit that it took me awhile to get my head around her way of thinking. However, throughout our meeting, I noticed that Marie looked incredible – she literally shone like a diamond. Her clothes all blended together harmoniously, and she had a very striking presence, which was enhanced by the colors of her clothes, all energetically binding together. I also noticed that despite traveling around the world several times a week, she had an incredible amount of energy and radiant looking skin. This woman was the opposite of looking burnt out.  

It was at that point that I knew wearing brighter colors would really help combat my prolonged stress. And so, I took her advice and began to change my wardrobe. And as soon as I did, my mental health and business changed drastically. So, I went from wearing dark colors to bright pastel shades. I also mixed them together to create a very distinctive and unique look that soon became part of my personal brand. 

My mental state shifted from only wanting to wear black and grey, to ultimately not allowing any of those colors into my wardrobe and instead, only allowing in bright-colored clothing. I began to sleep for longer than five hours (no easy feat) and began to feel more confident in myself and my work.   

Marie taught me that a positive mind set + wearing the right colors = an endless flow of abundance and energy. When I wore gold necklaces and gold-colored clothing, I felt a sense of authority and financial freedom. I really did feel like I was running the show and I never felt fatigued. The amount of energy I had was incredible. I felt like I did not need to rely on anyone else, either, I was sure of myself and knew how to stand my ground. And I always wore gold when I attended business meetings to show that I was hyper-focused on the world of business. 

I also noticed that as soon as I switched to wearing brighter colors, people around me began to look at me differently. I was radiating abundance, excitement, joy. My energy was so positive, both on the inside and the outside and I can honestly say that I’ve never felt burnt out since. 

So, if you need a pick me up, but aren’t sure where to start, try adding a little color to your life- just make sure they’re the right ones…

This guest post was authored by Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith

Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith (aka Rebekah Film Dr) is an award-winning consultant and media personality with more than ten years of film festival strategy consulting experience. Smith and the hard-working team behind her company, The Film Festival Doctor, are creators of success who are committed to nurturing filmmakers to help them secure film festival screenings, win notable awards and earn positive recognition within the industry. Currently, her company has won more than 1,000 awards for their clients and her team has supported nearly 850 creatives across the world. In her honest, detailed, and personal debut book, Born to Do It: Becoming the Leader of a Business Niche Using Powerful Spiritual Techniques, Smith records her hard-won knowledge to help individuals pondering the leap into entrepreneurship and those already on the journey, but are yearning for more success and profitability. To find out more, visit  or connect with Rebekah on Instagram @rebekahfilmdr.

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