How To Stay Motivated When Working From Home

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Those that get to regularly work from home usually see this privilege as a huge work perk. Most people love getting to work from their couch or cozy home office and getting to avoid a long and stressful commute. Working from home has been shown to come with a variety of benefits like decreasing stress and increasing employee happiness and quality of life. To those that work remotely occasionally, the benefits are obvious! However, if you regularly or exclusively work from home it can be tough to adjust to this routine due to the often inevitable distractions that come with working from home.

While self-management can be challenging, the sooner you learn this important life skill, the more successful you’ll be over the course of your career. Being mindful of the types of factors that are likely to hinder your productivity when you work from home is the first step to learning to successfully self-manage. By understanding the interruptions you’re most likely to face, you’ll be better equipped to set ground rules to keep yourself on track.

You CAN Stay Motivated Working At Home

If you’re struggling to stay motivated when working from home, use tried and true tips to help make productivity easier! Establish boundaries with the people in your life by letting them know that you will not be available to interact with them when you are working. Another tactic you can implement to increase productivity is changing out of your pajamas into “work” clothes. It’s been proven that your brain gets a message from what you wear and this can affect your overall work quality. Adding a few game changing tips into your routine can really improve your ability to get your work done!

Fundera created a guide outlining key self-management tips that will help you learn to consistently be productive when working from home. Read on to learn best practices for successfully working remotely.

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