Tips and Resources for Staying Motivated Through COVID-19

staying motivated

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has tossed everyone’s plans up in the air and forced many entrepreneurs to pivot their business operations. It’s an unsettling, unprecedented time, but it’s not time to give up. Entrepreneurs are known for their grit, ingenuity and drive – so keep going! Here are a few tips and resources for staying motivated and making it through this tough time:

Get a Mentor

According to a survey by The UPS Store, 70 percent of mentored businesses survive more than five years. At this time, more so than ever in the recent past, small business owners are facing new, and unique challenges. While many are applying for SBA disaster loans and small business grants like those available by Facebook and Nav, many are not taking full advantage of all of the free resources and assistance available. SCORE mentors have subject matter expertise and years of business experience and are ready and waiting to provide you with invaluable advice and support, as well as help with the disaster loan application process and debt management.

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur and you don’t have a mentor yet, what are you waiting for?

importance of a mentor

Make a Plan

There’s a good chance that the coronavirus has shaken up your business plans. Now is the perfect opportunity to create a new plan. Once you have the right mentor, they can help you craft the most optimal plan for your unique small business goals at this time. Also, take advantage of the many free COVID-19 resources available online designed to help you reorganize and solidify your small business plans. The SCORE COVID-19 Small Business Resource Center is an awesome example of a free, central hub designed to help you navigate your journey at this unprecedented time, with specialized COVID-19 content, access to live webinars and workshops and a list of coronavirus government resources for small businesses.

Take a Break:

It may seem counterintuitive when your to-do list is jam packed, but never underestimate the importance of taking a well-timed break. Oftentimes, our minds go into overdrive as we become physically and mentally consumed by our work, stressed about next steps, and overwhelmed by constant updates. It’s great to be a hard worker; but, it’s better to be a smart worker. That means knowing when to let your mind and body rest, even if that break is only 10 minutes. Countless thought leaders have spoken and written about the power that breaks (and even naps!) have to restore our motivation, clear our minds and boost our creativity, ultimately leading to higher productivity.

It should be noted that, according to the Megaphone of Main Street: Startups report, entrepreneurs typically handle most if not all tasks themselves during their first year of operations, and that can become overwhelming, especially amid a global pandemic. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed with your small business tasks, challenge yourself to take a short break, and check out these additional tips for encouraging work-life balance in your life and at your small business.

You don’t have to navigate this crisis alone! Connect with a free, expert SCORE mentor today for help finding your next steps and staying motivated amid the challenges that the coronavirus presents. Take advantage of the free COVID-19 resources and help available online at

 This guest post was authored by Betsy Dougert

 Betsy Dougert currently serves as Vice President of External Relations for SCORE, where she is responsible for national public relations, government relations and sponsors. Her ten years of experience in marketing and communications have focused on building brand awareness and engaging stakeholders through storytelling at educational institutions and non-profits. She earned her master’s degree in strategic communications with a certificate in public relations from Villanova University, and a bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary.

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