How To Truly Take Care Of Yourself When You Travel

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How many times have you come back from vacation thinking that you need a vacation from your vacation?  The fact is that it is easy to overdo things when you take that long awaited trip. Maybe it’s because we don’t get that much time off and want to pack a lot into the short time we have. Or, we just don’t really know how to relax and want to do too much when we travel.

Whatever the reason, vacations seem to be a time when we don’t really take good care of ourselves. Instead, this time, use some of these tips so you come back from vacation refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to get back to the routine.

Take care of your eyes

 One of the things that makes us feel really tired, or run down is the fact that our eyes get tired. This can happen when you are working in the artificial light of the office and looking at a computer screen for too long. Or, it can happen when we are traveling.

When you are on vacation, you tend to be outside a lot so your eyes are exposed to a lot of sunlight. Even on a ski holiday, you are outside and the sun reflecting off of the snow can be very harsh on your eyes.

Wherever you end up on vacation, pay close attention to what your eyes are telling you. If they are often dry or itchy and giving you headaches, then you are surely getting eye fatigue. If you wear glasses, think about getting photochromic lenses that change as the light changes. The importance of photochromic lenses is that they protect your eyes from UV light by adjusting when you need it most. If you are out and about this type of lens is a lifesaver.

Schedule down time

 Make a schedule for all of the things you want to do while you travel. Literally write it all down and then try to figure out the best days to do them. While you are doing that, keep in mind that you need to rest and do nothing for periods.

Each day you schedule should also have some time to sit and read, watch a movie or just take a nap. This is especially important if you are away on a trip that involves a lot of sightseeing. It’s easy to overdo things to make sure you see everything, but try to resist.

If it is a work trip, then use your time off during the trip to do nothing at least once so you can recharge.

Schedule a massage

 The best way to start a trip out on a relaxing foot is to have a massage shortly after you arrive. If you have to travel a long distance, then your body is surely very tense and achy.

When you arrive, jet lag is also a factor so combine that with your body tightness, a likely headache and then the fatigue from changing time zones. A massage will loosen up your body and serve as a relaxing reset so you can start your vacation loose, limber and ready to relax.

Do a digital detox

 While you may need to stay connected to the outside world while you are away, try to stay off of your devices. Schedule certain times a day when you need to check your email or social media. The rest of the time it should be put away and pretty much ignored.

Not only are you on vacation to relax and see something different, but a dependence on devices is also unhealthy and a vacation is an opportunity to live without them albeit briefly. Once you have a moment of relaxation, post those pictures to show off, but then put the phone away and wait until later to see the comments.

Travel solo 

Solo travel is a great way to do the trip the way you want without worrying about if somebody else is having a good time. Sometimes it is more fun to have somebody along to share in the experience. Other times, you can enjoy your vacation more by doing only the things you enjoy.

Even if you are on a trip with somebody else, you don’t have to be together 24/7. Schedule some time to be by yourself by taking a tour on your own or a cooking class or whatever else you are interested in.


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