Make Someone’s Day

On my morning run yesterday, I passed Chicago’s Anti-Cruelty Society. I happened to be wearing my pink baseball hat with a black lab on it (which marked me as either a totally cheesy and tacky lady, or an animal lover). There were two women standing outside in the pouring rain a few hours before the shelter opened so they could be the first in line. I stopped to talk to them to ask what dog they were waiting for. They heard there would be Pomeranian puppies and they were dying to have one.

 I told them about my puppy search for a male yellow lab and that I had been checking out the shelter a lot lately. Then I told them I’d be right back. For some reason I noticed a few days earlier that I have 5 umbrellas in my front closet. I ran back to my apartment a few blocks away and grabbed each of the nice ladies an umbrella. They were SO thankful and happy about the umbrellas as they still had at least two hours of waiting to go.

And in turn, I was happy at starting the week off with a random act of kindness, and perhaps even a little bit of good karma!

Try making someone’s day at least once this week. It could be a client, a friend, or a co-worker. If you are feeling down about work or have a “case of the Monday’s” today, I guarantee that doing something nice and unexpected will boost your mood and outlook.

My favorite Law of Attraction expert, Michael Losier, always suggests to monitor the vibe you are sending out because that is what you will get in return. The best way to change your “vibration” from negative to positive is to do something about it. Michael would say to “press the reset button,” but sometimes it takes more than a mental shift, and rather a positive ACTION.

Give out a dose of happiness today and I bet it will come right back to you fivefold.

Happy Monday!

Ms. Career Girl

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